Can World Destruction be a Good Thing?

 “The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world.
Whoever will be born must destroy a world.” – Hermann Hesse

At first blush this quote might appear to be shocking, for the imagery that you might associate with destroying a world contains powerful explosions with terrified people running for their lives. But, there’s a whole lot of world destroying activity happening right now, and it doesn’t even make a peep.

I’ll bet you can identify numerous ways in which you destroy a world. Consider this: whenever you learn something new, you are destroying the current version of yourself. As you move from unawareness and give birth to new awareness, you are forever changed. So, without even knowing it, you destroy your world countless times every day!

Anyone who has a dream and is courageous enough to say it, own it and pursue it is in world destroying mode.

Personally speaking, I have destroyed my world so much that the person I used to be is now a fond memory. I freely express myself now when I used to eat my words. I lived in a depressed state for years and now live in a state of joy. I ran from getting to know myself and now I am comfortable in my own skin. I continue to relish in destroying my world so that I can continue to grow.

I think it is natural to seek to enhance your life. I’ll bet you can think of several ways in which you are doing that right now. For example, whether you are in school, learning a new craft, advancing at work, raising a family, changing eating and exercise habits to reclaim your health, you are destroying the current version of yourself to give birth to the newest version of yourself.

I would like to think, by understanding this, that the idea of consistently destroying your world becomes less fearful and more familiar. I would like to think, by recognizing this, that you can give yourself permission to pursue your dreams at an even swifter pace while taking in stride the naturally occurring shifts that will accompany it.

Now that I have called it to your attention, I would be honored if you would take this moment to acknowledge yourself for being such an amazing world destroyer, and builder. By recognizing yourself in this way, you have just created another new version of yourself.

Thank you for being open to this new train of thought. Thank you for continuously spreading your wings. Thank you for remaining open to your personal growth. And as you blaze your own path, not only do you rock and roll your own world, you are automatically inspiring others by showing them how it’s done!

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