How To Get Unstuck

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Are you stuck?  Does it seem like you’re in a rut?

Do you feel frustrated knowing that there is so much more you could be doing with your life?  Do you ever find yourself asking, “How did I get here?” or even, “Is this as good as it gets?”  Have you ever found yourself watching on as others with less talent and ability seem to get all the lucky breaks and succeed when you don’t?

If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.  And you’re not alone.  The good news is it doesn’t have to be this way.  I’m here to help.

Let’s face it …

Sometimes life knocks you down, and it’s hard to get up.

In coaching over a quarter million people over the past couple of decades I’ve learned that is the number one thing that gets people stuck: we get knocked down and don’t get back up again.  The crazy thing?  Often times we don’t even see it as it’s happening!  One day we just wake up and feel like we’ve lost our mojo; we’ve lost our passion; we’ve lost ourselves.

Have you ever experienced that?

If you have, you’re not alone.  I’ve gone through hell, too.

When I was a teenager, I was abducted by two criminals who held me captive, then eventually left me for dead.  Afterward, once I was free, I became frustrated and confused.  I thought to myself, “I should be happy! I’m free and safe now, and I can do whatever I want with my life from here on out.”  Unfortunately, happiness was the furthest thing from what I was experiencing.  As a matter of fact, I felt more captive than ever.

That insight was the turning point for me, so I set out to find true freedom – freedom that no one and nothing could take away.  What I learned in the process is that I wasn’t feeling stuck and captive just because I had once been held against my will; no, I learned that captivity is a part of the human condition.

I made a U-turn with my life, and found freedom at last.  In the process, I realized I was not alone—each of us faces circumstances we would never have chosen for ourselves, and most of us are unprepared to recover when that happens. We get knocked down, and often don’t ever get back up again.  I had to figure out a way to help others become resilient and break free using what I had learned, so I set out to crack the code.

After years of research, analysis, and leading personal and professional development programs to over a quarter million people, I designed an educational model that can help anyone overcome adversity.  Today I’m sharing one of the most important points of that education with you, so that you can get back up when life knocks you down.

Are you ready?

Good. Let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work.

I want to discuss with you about a radical new way to look at challenges.

Generally we look at challenges, change, and adversity from this mindset: we hope that when we face them, we can muster enough willpower and internal fortitude to bounce back, and not be worse for having undergone the struggle.

I assert that is a worn-out old relationship to problems … one that we should leave in the past.

Bouncing back flies in the face of all I’ve learned over the past twenty years: namely that those who dedicate themselves in the midst of challenges can emerge even better on the other side.

The whole notion of “bouncing back” is centered around getting back to normal as soon as possible, but once you’ve undergone a challenge it changes you, so there really is no going back.  So why focus on bouncing back when we can bounce forward instead?

Bouncing forward is about emerging on the other side of challenges on an even better path, and as an even better person than you were before facing the challenge.

In my book How to Get Unstuck, I break down seven surefire steps to help you break free when you are stuck in the thick of it.  The book became a #1 bestseller within the first few days of publication, so to celebrate, you can download a copy of How to Get Unstuck for free as my gift to you at the bottom of this post.

Today I want to give one more step to get unstuck, using the radical concept of bouncing forward.

Here’s how.  In order to do this exercise, you’ll need to choose a challenge that you’re facing right now.  Right down a description of the challenge at the top of a piece of paper, or a new document on your computer, tablet, or phone.

(I’m not kidding; seriously, go grab yourself a pen and paper! Don’t just skim through it; that’ll make no difference.)

Now imagine that there was a way that going through this challenge could benefit you.  I fully understand that you may never have looked at it from this perspective before.  I also understand that you might be going through something horrendous or tragic where it seems like no good could ever come out of the situation.  I am sensitive to that, and I don’t take it for granted.

This is not easy work, but if you’re willing to dig in for a moment and be with the discomfort, I can promise you that it can open up your eyes to see things in a new way.

Even if there seems like there could be nothing good that could come of this, just spitball for a moment and make a list of things … no matter how far-fetched they might seem.

One of my clients was a senior executive of a large multinational tech company.  After the company was acquired by a larger corporation, my client was let go.  She was shocked and felt betrayed; she’d been one of the executives who had orchestrated the takeover, and she thought her time in the sun was just starting.

I gave her this assignment, and she just shook her head, saying, “There’s absolutely nothing good that could come out of this situation.”  I asked her to try the assignment anyway.

Two weeks later she breezed into our next session looking like a new woman.  “I’m going to do it!” she exclaimed proudly, “I am finally going to start my own consulting firm.”  She’d spoken about wanting to do that for the entire year we’d been working together, but she’d never been able to take the leap because she was so maxed out with her previous career.  The best part of all was that she and her son had “the deepest conversation ever” and the two of them had re-connected in a way she had feared would never happen.  “I thought I’d lost him, but really, he’d lost me,” she said.  “Thank God I was fired.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Are you starting to see that there may be more than meets the eye?  That this exercise may have something for you?  Look again, and list something new … something you may not have thought of yet.

You may not have known my story before today.  After the abduction, in the process of trying to get my life back, I read inspiring stories of people who became stronger and better for having endured challenges—people like Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Viktor Frankl—and I started to realize that I could be better for having endured what I endured.

Today I have a life I love; I feel profoundly privileged to share the message of resilience with people.  None of that ever would have happened if I hadn’t endured the challenge I endured.

What about you?  How can you bounce forward because of the challenge you’re facing?

Bring to mind someone you know who faced a challenge and bounced forward.  It can be someone big like Martin Luther King, Jr., or it can be a neighbor or a family member.  Just bring someone to mind.

Now imagine yourself doing the same thing.  See yourself on the other side of the challenge, and see your life taking this huge swing upward because of facing the challenge you faced.

Emblazon that vision on your mind, so that image is what you think of when you think of the challenge you’re facing right now.

If there’s one thing I know for certain, it’s that you can get unstuck.  To help you do that, download How to Get Unstuck right here as my gift to you, and get out there and life the life you were born to live!

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