Seeking the Light

 I have always been interested in gardening, but in the last few years I have tried to become better at it. I will never stop being amazed that seeds that I have planted actually sprout! And then, even more amazing to me, that they grow and get big enough to produce edible food…just from teeny tiny seeds!

They present a great example for us to follow in our human interactions. Think about people that ‘lighten up’ your life the same way the sun does these plants. When it comes right down to it, they are sharing energy the same way the sun shares energy. The sun doesn’t ask anything in return, and most of these kinds of uplifting people don’t either.

So where does that selfless energy come from? How is it replenished? I am sure it is different for each person. Some pray, some meditate, some go for a daily walk. The point is, they replenish themselves with the energy of nature, of the sun, or some could say from God or the Divine Universe.

With all the attention to energy saving devices these days, I have been thinking of myself as a ‘solar panel to the Universe.’ Whenever I think about it, or if I am feeling a little tired or low on energy, I turn on my ‘energy collector’ panel and just draw it in for a few minutes. If I take care of myself, of my own energy level, I am better able to share energy with those around me.

I know some days I am so cut off from my own source of the ‘light’ that nothing I can do will help. I forgive myself for that and stay a bit removed until my energy generator returns!

During these challenging times, when the world seems to be filled with such darkness, it is most important for each of us to find our way to be generators of light. The more of us that think this way, that do what we can to seek lightness not darkness, the better off the whole world will be. We really have become one global family, so if you are kind to someone, they might be kind to someone on the other side of the globe. Then inverse is also true.

So give some thought to what you do for yourself, to ‘lighten up,’ and try to do more of it. It is not selfish, it is actually an act of generosity!

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