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Three Ideas to Spark Your Inner Optimist Back into Action

Girl Drinking Coffee Or Tea On Window“What day is it… Thursday? Friday? Oh, okay.” “Shouting out to my guides and angels, wrap me in your love to start my day, please…” “Feel the love, feel the love, feel the love.” “How’d I eat yesterday… okay? Good!”

I woke up this morning as usual, with these initial thoughts. I have studied how I feel in my state between sleep and opening my eyes, and in that state I align with good-feeling things before I begin my day.

And for a split second, all is really well. Peaceful. Calm. Orderly.

Then I jump the gun. I start thinking about all I have to do today when I sure could have used some more fortification – Just a few more minutes of peace. But that’s not happening.

“Okay, let’s go!” I think as I open my eyes.

Then I jump the gun again, and go straight to my emails to reach out to a friend in London who I am assisting with an issue. I feel good about being so proactive about it first thing.

Third time’s the charm: I read an email that doesn’t have wonderfully good news for me. And instantly my heart aches. After my morning prep. After feeling fine. Just like that, I’m feeling compromised. Not so good. And so my day goes from this ‘not so good’ place.

I noticed how, in less than a SPLIT SECOND, my thoughts land back at that place, my damaged home address – the place I land in my thinking every time something happens that I feel is non-preferred. I land to a place where I think to myself, “I’m no good.”

I no longer judge it though. I feel like I’m an emotional scientist. I just observe it as usual, and think about ways to respond to it in order to return to my natural, undamaged state of optimism. And, most importantly to me, I want to share with you what I have learned from it – all in the context of your healing journey and being of service to you. It’s what I think about, pretty much all of the time.

Anyway, back to the story of my morning. One second I’m good, and the next I’m no good. And now, as I write it out, as I observe it, I describe it without judgment, as I express it, I’m good again! That’s all it takes. And once I do my morning workout (physical activity is SO important), I’m really going to be better than just good!

With any of your non-preferred situations, you might find that you land on your not-to-good-feeling home address in your thinking, something like: “I’m no good,” or “Things never work out okay for me.” I invite you to think about – just observe and just notice – where you land in your own thinking… that habitual place you land in your head when things don’t go quite right.

I have found that the magic lies within your ability to notice it. And to simply describe it.

You see, by identifying something allows you to put some light on it, and when you do, it changes. Period. It might take some time to change, it might not be instantaneous change (although it can be), but it will change. Simply because you described it!

Your true home address is that of optimism, openness and wonder. You were born with it, and that’s where you have the ability to return. Your willingness to listen to your inner dialogue without judgment is your key to reconnecting with it, and you can find yourself comfy, cozy and safe in your inner home, no matter where you might be in your physical world.

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