Backpacker looks at beautiful view

I spent this week disconnected from my computer in memory… Monday marked a year since my husband Jack died. It’s been a very difficult and amazing year. The latter description comes only with acknowledgement that more has happened since Jack’s passing than me having to live without him. And after 36 years of marriage his death has profoundly changed my life.

If you have been through a tragedy or a major life change have you stopped to take notice of how far you’ve come? More than likely you have a new perspective that serves you better. Maybe it’s a recognition of how precious life is or an understanding that your choices have consequences. Perhaps you’ve come to the realization that you missed a few signs along your journey and now you’ll pay more attention to how you feel & what you think.

My closest friends, the ones who knew Jack & I together, tell me that Jack would be proud of how far I’ve come in this last year. And when I take the time to look back, in between my tears, I know that’s true.

It isn’t always easy to think clearly when your heart is broken or your life seems broken. If however you are willing to set aside the pain, if only for 5 minutes, you’ll give yourself a chance to appreciate what is good in your life… and that simple step gives you and me hope.

With love, Cheryl

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