Good or Bad?

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Do you call the events or circumstances in your life as good or bad? If you do put a label on them how does it make you feel? If your life is anything like mine the good stuff makes you feel good and, well, the bad stuff makes you feel worse.
There are some really amazing events that we want to hold in our hearts and feel the love and joy that go with them. The moment I met Jack, the day I married him. Every time we brought home a new dog or cat. The moments I’d hear my parents laughing. Even thinking about them now makes me feel good.
But what about the stuff we label “bad?” When my position was eliminated, when my investments became my downfall, when Jack died. No one would think these were “good.” However, losing my job enabled me to be with Jack 24/7 while he was traveling his cancer journey. Losing my financial responsibilities eliminated a horrible amount of stress. And believe me I’d give anything to have Jack here with me now but his death taught me so much about life that I would not have appreciated except for the experience of being beside him as his life drew to an end. I believe I am alone now for a reason. I don’t have to like living without my soulmate but he died and that wasn’t my choice. I do have a choice to believe that there is a purpose in my being alone right now.
I’m sure you’ve heard that there is a lesson in every challenge… one door closes another one opens. When I was struggling with so much I wanted to lash out at anyone who used those phrases with me. But in every single case what I labeled “bad” ended up being a godsend.
It may not be easy to see when you are in the middle of the stress but if you will believe there is a purpose… and be open to it… you’ll find yourself in a place where labeling anything bad doesn’t serve you anymore.
There is peace in that knowledge… and I wish you peace.
With love, Cheryl

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