A New You Right Now

 My friend Jeannine comes for her massages early in the morning.   More often than not, Jeanine, Steve and I have a great conversation about the most important things in life—- real down and dirty soul matters before they disappear into the massage treatment room.

I love these conversations and they leave me with so much on which to contemplate and meditate. This week was no exception. The conversation was about “new beginnings” and “starting new”.  Her comment was that everyone is so focused on their “New Year’s Resolution” that they completely forget that today is the perfect time to start a new.  She went on to comment about how after putting all our energy into January 1, if there is a “fall from grace”, for what ever reason, we give up, we throw in the towel, we become depressed.  We failed again so once more, we may say, why try in the first place.

What about today? What about right now?

This time of new beginnings at January 1 is all human made.  Our calendar helps us to track time and make appointments/plans but any day in our life is a great time to start a new plan of action in our life.  Right Now!

What can you change or resolve to do in this moment that will bring about lasting changes for a lifetime? What can you do everyday of your life that will help you stay on track to being the biggest and brightest version of yourself?

To begin with, Fall in love with you!  That’s right. Dedicate time, energy and passion to yourself.

In my meditation workshops, I suggest to my students to start each day by looking themselves in the eyes in the mirror and say, “I love you”.   The secret is to really look, to truly see yourself and be present as you say it.

Some students freak out. “I could never do that. That is so intense.”

It can start out that way.  So maybe start with just looking at yourself – really look at yourself!   In a day or two maybe add a smile.  Then, the next week add, “Hey, I like you.”  Work up to it until there is a full-fledged “I love you” coming to you from you every morning.

When we learn to adore our selves on the deepest of levels, it becomes easier to keep our other resolutions as well.  Our deep caring for Self helps us to be more discerning about how much we take into our being, whether it be food, drink, media, or even other people’s energy for good or for bad.

We begin to make decisions about how we treat ourselves based on our own deep sense of self love.  All this is based on you, no one else. Did you not receive the love you craved as a child?   Or maybe its even missing in your current relationships.  Give it to yourself!  Right now!  Do not wait!

My friend and teacher, Bobbie Corbean, scheduled date nights by herself.  She would go to the opera, a movie, a concert alone—- on purpose. She fixed her favorite meals for just herself.  She always said when she felt disconnected from herself, she knew it was time to take some quality time to be with herself.

How can we truly love another without knowing and passionately loving ourself?  From the words of the Christ, “Love your neighbor as yourself”.  It is implied— “Love yourself” and then all the rest happens. It is a kind of magic!

Let’s take a moment together.  Take a deep breath….. Take one more.   Let yourself relax.  Let your shoulders move down away from your ears.  Now, one more full deep breath.  Now place both your hands on your heart center. Can you feel your heart beat?  If not, its OK.  But feel your hand touching your heart center.  Feel love and compassion for yourself.

If that is difficult, let yourself experience the love you have for someone special, or a pet that loves you unconditionally.  Slowly open your heart to YOU.

You are an exquisite creation of the Universe. You are unique and more lovable than you will ever know.

Keep all this in your heart as you make your resolutions.   Start anew any day and everyday.  Keep it all going by believing in You.  The magic is inside.  The buried treasure you seek is in your heart.

One more deep breath. How beautiful.

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