Of Being and Of Tears

 As anyone who has every suffered overwhelming loss knows there are days of overwhelming sadness. This is one of those days for me.  Nothing has gone wrong, every thing is OK, it’s just a day where I miss Jack so much that all I can do is cry.  And I’m OK with my tears.

Before all this happened tears were a way to cleanse my soul.  The emotions released as I cried opened up my capacity to see beyond my pain.  And yes they drained every bit of fighting energy away from me.  My tears are no longer a platitude but rather just a daily part of my life. And I’m OK with my that.

Some losses in life we never get over.  Losing the love of my life is that for me.  Yes I go about my daily routine but the part of my life that was shared with Jack is a giant crevasse, one that even my tears can’t fill,  but the tears flow and I’m OK with that.

Everyone of us will lose someone who means the world to us.  It is a human experience and even as I sit here I know it is nothing more and nothing less  and my tears still flow…  And yes, I am OK with that.

And you will be too.  I know the key to getting through the most difficult days is to be OK with wherever you are at any given moment.  To fight it, analyze it… to struggle against it does nothing except keep us in this place of pain.  By letting it just “be” we can move beyond it and we can rise above it.  Because we’re here for a reason… and nothing about that reason or purpose ends with pain.  It is borne from it… if we also allow that reason to “be,” too.

With love, Cheryl

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