In Memory of Jack Maloney

JackMany of you know that my husband, Jack, who I as married to for nearly 36 years died last week.   I blessed to hold his hand these last few weeks as the cancer and infections consumed his body and as he transitioned back to spirit.  The courage and grace he has shown me and all those who have witnessed his journey is  source of inspiration that I know I will carry forward in his memory.

What I know is the rest of my life will be very different… What I know is that I will live with the courage Jack has shown me.  What I know is everything I was afraid to do before I am no longer afraid of because nothing can hurt as much as losing him.  And I know I will always grieve but that my pain will become what strengthens me.   I also know that nothing could ever prepare me for the loss of the love of my life.

I never expected to be living my life without Jack… even as the cancer continued to metastasize.  We both lived with hope.  And while in these last few weeks we lost hope that he could survive our faith that he would find peace and freedom grew.  We know that life is eternal and he now is in the presence of our families, friends and beloved pets who welcomed him home. And while he is not here with me in body he will remain within my soul and for me that is where I’ll find my peace.

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