The Brink Of Revelation

Fotolia_28591994_Subscription_Monthly_MThe New Year, as we call it, is one of many man-made conventions for keeping time in order. It’s one of those things we invented so that everyone is able to speak a common language about time and, therefore, set appointments, make plans and stay organized in order to get things done. But is January 1st the best time to set a resolution of change for yourself?

There are other “New Year” celebrations throughout the year. The first day of Spring in mid-March is the start of nature’s New Year. It is when the energy of the planet in the Northern Hemisphere is ready to pop open new and fresh. Then there is the monthly New Moon which nurtures the ‘seed,’ which can represent our consciousness, or simply a new project. The seed starts the journey from the depths of the soil to emerge into the light of day. Or perhaps Samhain/Halloween, called Witch’s or Pagan New Year because the top part of the planet is going dormant to rest and gather strength for the next cycle of growth and expansion. Everything needs to gather strength before it can grow in a new and healthy way.

There are also other “New Year” demarcations throughout most religions and spiritualities that have nothing to do with January 1.

I believe every day is an opportunity for a new start, a new perspective, a step on a fresh path. Every day we are on the brink of revelation. But we have to go inside and listen to the silence. Many of us are afraid of the silence inside. But within the silence, we open ourselves up to hear the voice of our own inner guide. In Sanskrit it is called Atman, the inner guru, who knows us and guides us on our path of fulfillment and meaning. It guides us to find our purpose.

Any or every morning, when we wake up from our nighttime slumber, is an opportunity to ‘wake up from the slumber we are in during our waking hours. It is then, in that moment of awakening, we can make resolutions not only for our life but also for the present moment. We can open ourselves up to trying something different. The opportunity is there for us EVERY DAY and Every Moment.

I love January. It’s my birth month, and maybe for some of us, it is the best time to start a new resolve towards a path to be a better US. But it’s not the only time.

Most of us are searching for meaning and purpose in our lives, so we make resolutions to be a better person – whatever our concept of that may be. Have you ever thought “Who I am right now and what I am doing right now is exactly what I need to be doing for my growth?” “But,” you might say, “I am not happy as I am right now.” “I don’t feel good.” “I am over weight.” “I don’t like how I react to or judge people, etc, etc … ”

The thought that you want something better for yourself is “being at the point of revelation.” When your awareness lets you know or guides you to look at your life and shift your perspective, you are on the road to authentic change.

At that point of awareness, you might want to find ways to nurture this pathway of thinking by reading Simple Steps, Real Change daily; meditating or exercising regularly; hiring a life coach or someone to keep you accountable on your new journey. Or simply take steps such as practicing kindness, saying thank you and being grateful.

Our resolutions need to be about deepening our love for ourselves, not about doing what we think we are “supposed” to do.

The mind can sometimes be like an adolescent that is out of control.

Starting a daily habit of sitting quietly to tame the adolescent mind which rules our life can be a way to affect all the other changes we might want to see for ourselves. Many times it is our mind that talks us out of staying resolute. Look to see what is keeping you from truly being the incredible human being you want to be and resolve to work on that issue.

There is no greater journey than the journey to KNOWING your True Self.

DECIDE: “This is the year and the time for me to know myself to the core of my being, and from this point, I invite courage and strength to be my guides.”

Every day we are on the Brink of Revelation. Breathe fully into knowing each day can be your New Year’s Day. Be spacious inside and fly high and free.

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