4 Simple Steps To Balance Your Chi Energy

Fotolia_63103632_Subscription_Monthly_MEach one of us is an extension of the universal mastermind I AM, only varying by one degree, and therefore we each possess the energy and power to experience miracles, if we are willing to apply our mind, heart and energy, with intention and purpose, toward the desired outcome.

We are powerful beyond measure, and with a little bit of knowledge, we can create miracles in our cherished lives. Here are a few simple steps to promote optimal healing within by immediately balancing your chi energy and enabling you to become a brand new you!

Connect with your chi energy: Rub your palms together very quickly for a few seconds to increase the energetic flow into your hands.  You will feel the increased heat of energy there.  Now, separate your hands slightly while in a prayer position and hold them there for a count of 3; gently pull them apart 2-3 inches and then immediately back together while leaving a space between to your palms.  As you repeat this exercise you will feel the energy build between your palms.  Begin to widen the distance between your palms while continually moving them back and forth several times.

With practice you will begin to strengthen your energy and promote healing as you place your hands on any area of your body.  This is what a Reiki practitioner does when doing energy work.

Increase your chi energy flow:   On both the front and the back of your wrists there are many meridians, also known as acupuncture points, where you can see the skin lines.  Place your wrists in a crisscross position with both anterior (front) wrists facing each other about one inch apart and hold that position for several seconds.  Then do the same with both posterior (back) wrists facing each other about one inch apart in a crisscross position or several seconds.  With practice, you will begin to feel your energy. Practice doing this several times a day.

This exercise connects the full circuit of your chi energy and clears away blockage along the main meridians throughout your body. It also increases the chi flow by balancing the yin and yang energy within.

To complete your energetic circuit, place the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth in the dip behind the center of your teeth.  Hold it there for several seconds – minutes if possible – as this fully completes the chi energy circuit flow from your brain to your toes and everything else in-between throughout your body.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing: Most people breathe backwards by breathing in through the nose while pulling in the stomach, and exhaling through the mouth while extending the belly.  This is backwards!  To correctly breathe, take a deep breath in through your nose while simultaneously extending or pushing out your abdomen.  This enables the diaphragm to drop down and expand the lower lobes of your lungs which will clear, cleanse and circulate any stagnate energy there.  You then want to exhale by pulling in your tummy which will raise the diaphragm up by compressing on the lower lungs to move the stale stagnate energy up and out of your mouth.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing is essential in maintaining your life force energy at an optimal level.

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