What Happy People Have In Common

Fotolia_42658051_Subscription_Monthly_MHave you ever wondered why some people just seem to be naturally happy?  Do you wish you were one of them but life has worn you down?  Marci Shimoff,  interviewed those she called the “Happy 100,” for her book Happy For No Reason, and what she discovered was, well, simple.

The Happy 100 are people like you and me who have lived through some pretty major life challenges.  They have hit the lowest lows but have kept or restored their happiness.  They have done this,  in part,  because they believe that they are connected to a bigger energy in the universe and they believe that the universe is a friendly place.  The bigger energy may be god, a higher power or nature, to name a few.

What you believe is totally up to you.  For the longest time I equated god with religion and there wasn’t a specific religion that resonated with me.  When I discovered that god resides within me and that I was part something bigger than myself my life changed.  It helps that I surround myself with positive people and influences these days.   If you need help with that check out my last article, Strengthen Your Emotional Immunity. 

If life’s challenges have you sitting at rock bottom and you’re having a tough time getting up let alone being happy consider these Simple Steps:

  • Be gentle with yourself.  There is no need to beat yourself up for how you feel… that only makes you feel worse and this is about getting you to a happier state.
  • Seek knowledge.  Regardless of the reason you’re not happy there is always something that can help turn you around.  Whether you read self help or inspirational books, sign up for a program or attend a seminar expanding your current thought processes helps move you out of your negative state of mind.
  • Help someone else.  Volunteer at a shelter for people or pets (or any other cause that is important to you.)  When you focus something other than your own problems you give yourself a break.  Being part of a group enables you to see the connections in life.

Happiness isn’t a switch we can flip especially if we’ve been in the dumps for a long time.  It is however a state you can strive for an achieve when you start to see beyond yourself.

Explore some of my favorite resources, books & programs at Simple Steps Real Change Magazine. 

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