But Did You Ask?


I have been doing a little experiment this month. Every morning when I wake up, as I get out of bed, I ask “What miracle will happen to me today?” Asking is easy and it puts out the energy that you EXPECT that something wonderful will happen. It doesn’t have to be a big thing, not a cure for cancer, but just a small thing you can appreciate, a thing that makes your life a little better….or the life of someone you love.

On the first day of doing this, it was the day designated to do Christmas decorating in our house. I pretty much do it solo except for the outside lights, and going to buy the tree is something my husband and I always do together…and it isn’t always easy. We always have trouble agreeing on when we are going to go, where we are going to shop, how much we are going to spend, and then the grand decision…which tree!

On this day I was going to the nursery, so as I left I said “Don’t be surprised if I come home with a tree!” As I was leaving the nursery, after purchasing my other items, I saw the most beautiful tree and decided to buy it. When I did, they said “You have a $25 credit on your account.” Bingo, discount too! Then they loaded it in my car WITH the stand…I said I didn’t need it and they said that it was included…so no struggling to make it stand up straight at home…it was already perfectly straight. Then when I got home, it was light enough that I got it to the front door all by myself! It is truly the prettiest tree we have ever had…and the easiest to get! My little miracle for the day!

Another recent miracle involved our little dog Maggie. She is older and her eyes got very foggy so we assumed she was going blind. One night she fell in the swimming pool because she couldn’t see as she walked around it. Luckily I was with her and saved her of course, but we decided to take her to the Vet to see if ANYTHING could be done. Miracle! She wasn’t blind at all…she had an eye infection from a scratch she got a couple of years ago! We are putting drops in her eyes and they are clearing right up! Dark eyes again and she can SEE…and she seems to be pretty happy about it…as are we!

These are just a couple of examples of little miracles that can happen, if you expect them. Then the final step is to take a minute to be grateful for them. This completes the cycle of positive energy. What I have learned over the years is that the source of these miracles often is your own energy…not necessarily an outside divine benefactor. There are those too of course, but this is about what YOU can do yourself.

So give this some thought…and give it a try. This is the right season for magical things to happen!

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