Memories or Misery

DadI was going through some photos this morning.  There were some pictures of my dad laughing that brought back some wonderful memories. Even though my dad passed several years ago the images of him make me happy.

A few other photos were of Jack’s journey with cancer.  I documented his surgeries and his time in the chemotherapy chair.  I’d been keeping them to remind us both of his strength and resilience these last 4 years.  These photos though just elicited pain and fear. Without a second thought I deleted them.

We don’t need to be reminded of the pain, the fear, and the horrible experiences.  They are burned forever in our hearts and minds.  I don’t permit anything fear based articles in Simple Steps Real Change Magazine  so why in the world was I keeping images of misery in my own life?

It was a revelation for me this morning.  When we are constantly focusing on what brings us pain we are making a choice to remain in that place of misery.  If misery is too strong of a word for you then substitute unhappiness.  I teach this principle every day yet in one part of my life I’d overlooked it.   Are you doing the same?

Whether its photos, the “Dear John or Dear Jane” letter, an old shirt from a lost love or any other moment that doesn’t make you feel good, ask yourself why you are keeping it.  If your response isn’t one that makes you feel better about yourself or your journey remove it from your life.  Burn it, donate it, delete it or give it to someone who wants it, but free yourself from the burden.  Don’t pack it away for another time because you won’t need the pain in your future any more than you need it now.

We can’t erase the memories from our hearts and mind… but we can remove the painful reminders.  It’s a Simple Step.

With love, Cheryl

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