Your Best Holiday Season Ever!

Fotolia_58242432_Subscription_Monthly_MIt’s here! I’m so excited!

The holiday season is finally here. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and all of the holidays that herald a transformation into the more wintery months, have arrived. They mark a time that encourages us to enjoy precious moments with family, and to express gratitude for all the blessings that enhance our lives.

Unfortunately, it is also the season when the average American will gain ten to fifteen pounds of extra body fat! Hey, it’s a season of joy, but sometimes it can also usher in a season of over-indulgence.

Not to worry. We have a strategy to combat those extra pounds.

Let us first ask ourselves, why do these extra pounds seem to creep up on us during a time that is supposed to usher in feelings of joy and celebration? Perhaps it is because we use the holiday season as an excuse to eat recklessly, drink with abandon, and procrastinate in our exercise because we want to engage in other holiday activities.

Hey, Christmas tree shopping should be considered an exercise…right? Well, maybe so, but not if it’s followed up with too much egg nog and sweet treats. Have you ever envisioned a romp through the woods, looking for that perfect tree, and ending your adventure with a feast of fresh veggies and organic turkey followed by a warm cup of herbal tea? It’s all about healthy alternatives folks. And those alternatives can be tasty and fun!

What really happens for most of us during the holiday season is that we give up on the goal of creating a fit and strong body, and allow ourselves to fall back into our old ways of self-sabotage.

May I offer you a happy compromise that allows you to embrace the holiday season, without suffering from the backlash of over-indulgence?

Why not make this holiday season a breakthrough event that lets you achieve your health and fitness goals? Fill yourself with the confidence and excitement that allows you to maintain your best body and health throughout the winter months!

How do you do this? You must, must, must, decide right now that you will do whatever it takes to create optimum health, because it is that important to you and only you. Make it your personal mission!

I am sure there have been at least a few times in your life when you have said, “I don’t care about the naysayers. I am going to do something for myself that will make me look healthy and feel happy!”

I want you to build that desire deep within you and let it become your center, your compass, and your direction toward health and fitness.

This desire that burns within will steer you away from the temptation to skip your workouts, or partake in treats and to over indulge.

When the New Year arrives, and everyone else is complaining about the weight they put on, or how out of shape they are, you will be joyfully filled with pride in yourself for becoming so much more than you ever imagined!

Your friends and family might ask you how you managed to become such a healthy person during the holidays. They will ask how you were able to resist all the temptations of excessive food and treats. You will recognize their questions as what you asked yourself last year, when you dared to explore how you may achieve your dream body and ultimate health.

This holiday season is your time to break free and to create a new self-image of someone who goes after their dreams and doesn’t look back.

Be bold. Be brave. Become the amazing person you are meant to be.

I would love to help you on this journey. If you want help, you only need to ask.

I am here, and ready to be your coach, and to give you all that you need to obtain the body and life you so deserve.

Here is a link offering a complimentary webinar that offers just a sample of what you can look forward to with me in your corner.

Let’s spend the holidays together.

I wish for all of you, Vibrant Health!

David Fresilli – Holistic Health Practitioner, CES, PES, CPT

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