Dancing With The Angels

One thing I really like about maturity is the amount of experience you have to pull from. La Ricoeta 045Pull what, you may ask? Well, a treasure of happenings, memories and the opportunity for current happenings to garner a deeper meaning. Let me explain.

Recently, my partner Steve and I were visiting our friends Paul Boynton and his partner Mike Wynne, who live in New Hampshire. The first night we were there I had the most incredible dream. I was standing in front of an old wooden table and on the table was a book stand or lectern that held an ancient manuscript. It must have been 36” by 48 “ and it was old. The paper was yellowed crisp parchment. The script was old English from about the 1400 or 1500’s.

(I know this because I studied Old English script in graduate school so I could actually read it. Coincidence or subconscious bleed through?)

On the pages there were prayers to the 9 levels or choirs of angels— the seraphim, cherubim…………..( I grew up Catholic and have a Catholic education through College.)

In the dream I recited each of the these series of prayers to each level of the angelic hierarchy. It was almost as if I were a magician or alchemist calling on the powers of the angels to assist me with a special intention of service I felt compelled to carry out. I knew in my heart that I needed help. Whatever it was I was trying to accomplish required that I surrender to a higher power or powers to bring about the results needed. Whatever I was doing was not about me. I felt like a conduit of some kind and that I was supposed to call on the benevolent assistance of all the angels but especially Michael and Gabriel.

I woke up and laid there with my eyes closed. I was full of this dream and wondered what it meant. This is not my usual type of dream for sure. I tried to meditate to see if I could gather any meaning from the dream before moving into the world that day. My mind and body were so full of the dream and the crisp details of it that it was difficult for me to empty my mind to just be.

When I opened my eyes there on the wall was a beautiful, ornate Russian Icon of Michael, the archangel, also known as The Protector and the Prince of the Seraphim. I had not noticed it the night before because it was behind the door. So we closed the door and turned off the lights and went to bed.

Wow—- there was one of my archangel friends looking down on me. Had I caught a glimpse of him before sleeping and I just didn’t remember? My mind was trying to make sense of the whole experience. But my spirit was not having it. It spoke to me and said breathe. Sit with what you saw and just be with it

I mentioned the dream to my partner Steve and to Mike that morning. We commented on the uniqueness of it and the fact that the icon was hanging there and watching over us all night.

A few days later, and once back home in Cincinnati, I decided to combine my meditation practice and yoga into one. So I sat in the side yard and enjoyed the beautiful summer breeze as it caressed my skin and I lost my self in the stillness and the delicious void of the space between my eyes. I kept getting the image of wings. Was it because I could hear birds all around me? Hmmm…..

I started my yoga practice and each time I did a swan dive forward into a forward bend, I felt as if I had wings. It was all very cool but I was still not sure what was happening with this.

Then I went into savasana, also known as corpse pose- where you lie still and just let everything go. Almost as soon as I closed my eyes I was in a vision of a memory. It was 1993 or 1994. I was in our retail store, LeftHanded Moon on Court Street in Cincinnati OH. Steve was helping a customer who had come in to shop. She brought her one year old twins—- who were getting a little restless. I offered to hold them while she shopped. I had one boy in each arm and bounced them around a bit. As I always do with small children I danced with them in my arms and I asked them to tell me any secrets they might remember from the time before they were born. I remember distinctly both boys looking right at me and just going on and on in unintelligible baby gibberish. They were telling me!! And I had forgotten the language they were using to tell me. I was so excited and wished with all my heart I could understand.

WOW. That memory was brought back so vividly today. And the meaning was not lost on me.

The babies names were Gabriel and Micheal and born on my birthday— some thirty years later but the three of us share January 13 as our nativity.

Let me say it again WOW!! I am still not sure what all this means but I can tell you that I am paying attention. And you can see why I am appreciating my maturity. However it all comes together— my old english studies, catholic background, the experience with the twins in the 1990’s, it all came together last Monday in a house I had never been to, nestled in the woods of New Hampshire where an image of an archangel hangs on a

wall and as I see it, took the opportunity to speak with me through the symbols of a dream.

What does it all mean? I am not sure. but as I finish this article the words- “in my soul I believe I can change the world” are being recited. So how does the Universe talk to us? In so many ways. We just have to have to have our eyes, our ears, our conscious and our subconscious and our Heart open to all possibilities. So in those moments when you feel less than connected to The Universe or Creation or whatever term you use, close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask to be connected and to feel a part of the experience of being alive. Then sit back and pay attention.

The definition of an angel is “a pure spirit created by God”. That is each and every one of us.

I am grateful for all the experiences of my life. I invite you to be also.

Here’s to the mystery and power of love that will have us all change the world.

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