6 thoughts on “How To Be Empowered In Any Cycle Of Life

  1. This video was quite timely for me. I’ve been working towards my career in life coaching but currently work in film production and am always working crazy hours so am constantly putting my new career goal on hold. I just started participating in a group coaching, goal oriented thing and this has been VERY apparent to me this go around. For the first time, I’m not completely putting my goal on the back burner. Even if it’s small steps, I’m working towards it. Because life is busy and suddenly 15 years have gone by. Thank you!

  2. At this point I’m starting out with my “Legacy-Lite”. When people want to change lanes on the freeway I wave them in (providing they use their turn indicator, otherwise I close the gap quickly). I also stop for shoppers returning to their cars as they exit Target (unless they just bolt out without looking, then I try to hit them with my car…just clipping their heals is my objective because I’m working on my legacy-lite.). 😉 Great video CH!

  3. Hi Cheryl,
    I am stepping into my legacy and it’s making a huge impact on my life and others. What continues to build in creating my legacy is all the blessings I feel and how much gratitude I have.
    Thank you Cheryl for your inspiring words.

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