Falling Forward Into Your Desired Health

Fotolia_54489997_Subscription_Monthly_MWhen we analyze how humans walk, jog, and run, we can determine that these actions are a “controlled fall forward.” It is a scientific truth that in order to move forward, we must lean our weight to the front of our center of gravity. This causes our upper body to tip forward, or to “fall forward.” We then take a step to catch ourselves while we continue this forward fall. In order to stop the fall, we must continually adjust our bodies over our center of gravity.

I love using metaphors such as this because it allows me to combine the idea of locomotion with other actions that will allow you to reach a goal.

We look at the idea of walking, jogging and running as a controlled fall forward. So, naturally, when we decide to move forward in other aspects of life, we also must move forward toward a specific goal.

Standing still could be seen as a stagnant state of consciousness. Standing is a place of known events. When we are standing, we feel safe.

This state could be compared to where you are in your life right now. There is little that is unknown, or new, in your everyday life, and this makes you feel comfortable. Even though there could be a lot going on in your life that you’re not happy about, at least you know what to expect.

What if, while you were standing in that one comfortable place, you decided that you desire more! You might wish for a better body, or better health overall. Maybe you desire more wealth, a better career or anything that you know would bring you more happiness. The choices are endless.

There is an old saying, “You can’t get there from here.” There has to be forward motion if you are ever going to achieve that “more” state.

What do you have to do in order to obtain more in life? You have to fall forward and create some momentum until you are running toward it. In fact, I would say this is true for just about anything you desire in your life that is really big and different from where you are now.

Think about it. You will have to lean forward beyond your center of gravity, which means metaphorically you have to purposely take yourself out of balance and all that you currently understand and fall into the unknown in front of you.

That can be scary! Imagine what an infant looks like just as he/she is learning to walk. The infant sort of resembles a drunken sailor, right? The infant leans forward and tilts back, until finding his/her center of gravity. All the while the brave little baby takes those unknown steps forward that will eventually propel him/her across the room. The baby might be unsure and fall on his/her butt many times in the process.

But does this infant ever believe there is no point to his/her actions? Does the baby give up, and say “Oh why bother?” Of course not.

Any baby will continue to try until it becomes skilled enough to achieve the goal of walking. And this is a human at its youngest and most vulnerable stage of life!

We are no different than an infant learning to walk. We must understand this in order to grow. There will be uncomfortable moments, but those uncomfortable moments must be understood as part of the growing process. They should be expected as part of achieving any new goal that is big, bold and, yes … scary.

My mentor Bob Proctor says goals should be so big they scare you! If they don’t, then it is not big enough. A goal that doesn’t scare you is never going to stretch you, or force you to grow.

If you are not growing out of who you are right now, then you will stay exactly where you are. This means you will never become the person you truly desire to be.

We all know of folks who have achieved great things, who seem genuinely happy and excited about the challenges life offers. These people are consistently doing well, but do you ever wonder how they got there?

To use our metaphor, they set a big scary goal, something they really wanted, and they fell forward.

What is it you desire to fall forward into?

Do you finally want to have the body you have always dreamed of? Then fall forward!

Do you want, once and for all, to heal yourself of health issues that plague you? Then fall forward!

Do you want to create a life so amazing you are scared to even think about it? Then fall forward!

Open your heart and mind and begin to believe in yourself and your innate abilities that allow you to create what you desire.

Stop standing still, and fall forward.

I am here to help you on this journey.

I wish for you Vibrant Health!

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