Falling Forward In Divine Timing

Stacey MK

How many times have you Divinely been given a dream, a desire, or been shown a specific task to accomplish, but you didn’t even know where to begin? Or, you took a step towards a desired goal and achieving your vision and encountered countless obstacles, delays and detours that left you questioning what you were thinking?

As a sixth sensory being, we know that our best experiences and relationships and the road to achieving our dreams can be had by following our intuition and the promptings of our heart, regardless of whether we completely agree with it or are even consciously aware of where we are headed at that moment.

We have faith in our Higher Self, our Guides and our Angels who are guiding us along and illuminating our path on our journey. We trust in the Divine timing for the highest good of all involved, and we genuinely believe that no matter what, the Universe has our back.

It may not be until that one moment when the initial inspiration or task at hand has actually morphed into several major projects – whether it’s been several days, weeks, months or years – and you are taking those necessary steps that you realize you have completed an important portion of your ultimate vision. Divine inspiration is not always a step-by-step method to get you through a specific project but rather the complete unfolding process to achieving your grandest vision and dream.

Sometimes when we take a few simplistic steps to complete a singular project, and it becomes total frustration and fragments into many other segments over an extended period of time, that’s when you can see why the obstacles and the additional projects were necessary to encounter in order to complete the whole of the vision and to fulfill your purpose within its design.

Many times people think when something is Divinely inspired there will be no obstacles or delays, when in fact the opposite can be true. It’s called Falling Forward in Divine Timing. There are times during the process when you need to learn and grow or the other people you are meant to connect and collaborate with need to learn and grow and ultimately be ready and in position for the undertaking of their part in the vision as a whole.

When you feel the burning desire and passion in your heart to move forward regardless of what you are seeing around you, keep falling forward because the inspired idea is most likely a grand vision and one you’ll feel so blessed and honored to be a part of with Divine timing.

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