Believing Is Seeing

fotolia_18145709_Subscription_LThat’s right. I’ve lost my mind again. Shouldn’t the title of this article read, “Seeing is believing”?

Well, only if you need to prove something that is already in the past. The idea of merely seeing in order to believe comes across as old news now. What we should always choose is the act of believing, which will ultimately leads to “seeing.” This is especially true when we are creating the health and fitness we desire in our lives.

You see, part of the spirit, mind and body connection is becoming aware that anything you desire in life should first begin as a consistent thought filled with emotion.

The health and fitness you desire can only take shape if you place your thoughts and emotions within that construct consistently. You have to dream big, and feel as if you are already living with this dream of complete health.

When you do this, the idea is engrained into your subconscious mind. This, in turn, becomes your belief. If you believe you already are this healthy, fit body in your subconscious, then all of your daily thoughts and actions will guide you to making it a reality!

All of this happens with much less effort and frustration then if you had attempted to use sheer will to create the health you desired.

Your level of awareness becomes one of a healthy, fit person. It literally becomes a part of who you are.

Perhaps you are stuck or struggling with your health and fitness right now. Maybe you can’t seem to find the motivation to do anything except hope somehow your health will magically improve on its own?

That is the level of awareness at which you exist right now. In order for you to raise your level of awareness, you must become the person you desire to be. To become this desired person you must allow yourself to believe this person already exists!

Most people would say I am putting the cart before the horse, but in fact I am not.

I have worked with plenty of clients who, once they have embraced this first step, have been able to overcome all the obstacles and self-sabotage that stopped them in the past.

I would gently offer this thought. What you have believed and done in the past has not given you the results you desire. Does it make sense to continue to believe and do the same thing again and expect a better result? How can that possibly be effective?

It is time to claim the health and fitness you deserve. Begin to create that dream body and health you have always desired. Create it in your mind first, and make it so real and exciting that it drives you to do what is needed in order to create it.

Here’s a good example. In computer terminology you must write the software before the computer can make it happen. The computer is a servant to the software that is installed. You must install the software of your dream body and health into your subconscious. Then you’re subconscious will awaken within you your potential to make it happen!

I received an email today form a client with whom I have been working for several months.

She mentioned that, up until recently, she had not been able to see beyond what she had always seen in the mirror. She felt she was unattractive, unworthy of being loved, and overweight. She couldn’t even pass by a mirror or walk by a store window without looking away. I am sure we can, to some degree, understand that her software was one of being un-loveable.

As we began to work together, we decided to “write a new software” for her. It was one filled with her dream body and life. At first she couldn’t grasp the concept, but she kept visualizing. As the weeks went on she did her exercises and ate only healthy food. Suddenly, the weight began to come off at the rate of about two pounds per week!

Even with everything going well, she still had moments of disbelief. This was only because she was so used to her old way of thinking. We pushed on, focusing only on her dream body and life. Weeks turned into months, and now, after three months she sees her dream body in the mirror.

She has come to see beyond what the mirror is reflecting, and can now visualize her potential to make things happen. More importantly, she now believes she is already the person she has always desired to be. Now her body only needs to undergo the process of catching up.

This client went from being unable to believe, to understanding the power of her subconscious, and then becoming the person she has always desired.

Do you think you are different from this woman? Do you believe that your circumstances are more challenging? I would tell you they are not.

I always have clients proving to me that anyone, no matter what their conditions, can overcome all obstacles of the past and achieve the health and dream body they have always desired.

I know you are someone who will do the same.

I am here to help you on this journey.

I wish for you Vibrant Health!

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