I Saw A Shooting Star

Fotolia_59785106_Subscription_Monthly_MI usually get up early in the morning to take our dogs outside for their morning constitution, and one morning this week I saw a shooting star! It shocked and delighted me! It had been many years since I had seen one. But more importantly, it reminded me that magical things could happen at any moment…when you least expect them!

The feeling it generated in me was awesome, and every time that I think of the experience since then, I get that same delightful feeling. The feeling you got as a child when you got your first puppy, or that toy you REALLY wanted. The feeling on Christmas morning when you went out into the living room and there were all those wondrous and beautifully wrapped packages. The first time you were old enough to realize how special it was to have a birthday cake made just for you.

You may have noticed that the world is shifting into a new reality where thoughts become things rather quickly. We have known for at least 2,000 years the how your thoughts affect your life. Well baby, multiply that times a thousand and that’s what’s happening now! So start expecting magical things to happen.

You can start by remembering and writing down each morning something from your past that seemed magical. We have all had those moments. You know that feeling, childlike delightful surprise. So take a brief moment each morning and remember one of those times in your life and write it down in your own little “Book of Miracles.” If you want to have one for every morning, you will start to think about it during the day for the next mornings note.

You may find images that remind you of something…like a vacation that turned out to be more fun that you had imagined. I remember one vacation to Hawaii with a group of friends that included a trip around the island by boat to snorkel. On the way back, we sat in the front of the boat and they served us Mai Ties. We started laughing, and then the water splashed us and we laughed even harder…more splashing, more laughing! I didn’t ever remember laughing that hard for that long! It felt SO GOOD to be so carefree, in such a beautiful place with such great friends. So I will put a photo of us on that boat ride in my “Book of Miracles.”

You might remember the first time you heard some music that sent you through the roof…get an image of that album cover…easy to do on iTunes…and put it in your Book. Better yet, download the music and put it on your phone so you can listen to it again.

You might remember the scent of a certain flower or fruit. Get a picture of that and find a page for it in your Book.

How about the first time you looked in the face of your newborn child. That’s a great one!

Build your Book for 30 days, and then look at it often. Flip it open randomly and the page you open to will be your “miracle reminder” for the day.

Your delight with life will start to manifest. Who knows, perhaps you will even see your own shooting star! I’m on the lookout myself!

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