Life By Soundbites

Fotolia_48236777_Subscription_Monthly_MWhen you hear these words to describe someone, would you want to work for them?  Live with them?  Be married to them?  Brutally honest, high expectations, fearless, no-nonsense, get to the point attitude, married without children. What are your first thoughts about the character of this person?

What would you think about a person described as kind, positive, encouraging, honest, an open-book, supportive,  patient, passionate about helping others?  Would you want work with them? Live with them?  Be married to them?

When we live our life by soundbites we make uninformed choices which oftentimes come back to haunt us.  Have you ever jumped into a relationship because you liked what you “saw” but the longer you knew the person you discovered traits you couldn’t live with?  Or what about the job with the latest “it” company that turned out to be in business to make a big bucks yet did so at the expense of their clients and employees? And think of the well crafted marketing slogan enticing you to buy the latest, greatest new product on the market that does exactly what they tell you it will but in every other area it was a pain to use and hardly worth the price.

It is true that we might ever know everything about a person or situation.  We however owe it to ourselves and to others not to make judgements based on soundbites.  We have time to learn more about a person or opportunity before we decide if we’re going to invest our heart, soul, emotions or resources into it.  True emergencies excluded there is nothing we have to do now.  Pacing ourselves may not provide instant gratification but then whatever you wanted instantly usually doesn’t hold your interest for much longer the time you took to grab it.

I know there are times when we “know” instantly what is right for us.  That’s how I felt the first day I met Jack and we’ve been together over 35 years.  I believe however those times are the exquisite exceptions in life.

As your considering the next person or situation you need to make a choice about stop and consider if you’re doing so based on soundbite mentality or because you’ve given it due consideration.  You have nothing really to lose by holding off on a decision and everything to gain.  Do it for you!

With love, Cheryl

p.s. … The descriptions I used at the beginning of this article have at some point in time been attributed to the same person, me.

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