You Have To Do The Basics

fotolia_293572_Subscription_LAre you still trying to figure out why you are not getting the results you want in your health and fitness? You probably feel like you’ve tried every program out there. You’ve  restricted calories, taken every boot camp available, tried running yourself to death, drank shakes till they are coming out your ears, and still you’ve had no lasting results.

Oh, sure you took some of the weight off, and got a little stronger, maybe even had some relief from the chronic pain you deal with. But, you still haven’t been able to achieve the body and health you are so hoping to have.

What else is there to try? How about that new kind of exercise program that’s on T.V., or a new class they are promoting. Even better, I hear there is a new diet that you only drink the juice from a tree found in the Amazon.

Can I say something here? Please don’t.

I know the way you feel. It’s so frustrating setting a goal of losing weight and increasing your fitness but not knowing where to turn. The motivation hits you and you want to run with it. What should you do though? You don’t want to do the same things you’ve done in the past like starve yourself and workout till you can’t move.

I dealt with this quite a bit when I was first starting off. I just tried to do what everyone else was doing. I would get hurt or not get results. I tried everything I heard would work. I would lift heavy. Then I tried lifting light. I tried eating mass quantities of food, then low fat, high carbs. After that I tried high protein, low carbs. Then I fell victim to taking this supplement and that supplement.

It got to the point that I didn’t feel I knew what I was doing. In reality I didn’t. I hadn’t learned about the basics of health yet.

Trying to figure out how to create real health and fitness in my life seemed too big of a challenge. There was too much to know. I would need a team of health practitioners to take care of me. Just like a professional athlete who has several team practitioners there to design every part of a workout and eating and lifestyle. No wonder so many of us give up before we even start.

I’m here to tell you it doesn’t need to be confusing or hard. All that we have to do is get back to the basics.

Believe it or not, as complex as we are, health, fitness, and wellness are not at all hard to create for yourself. You don’t need fancy gym equipment, or special supplements, or a team of practitioners. All you need are the six components to health and wellness.

These six components will give your spirit, mind, and body all that is needed to heal and create health, fitness, and wellness.

You are already doing them every day. The only challenge is that you have never learned how to do them correctly to bring about health and wellness. Without knowing it you have been sabotaging your health and fitness by not taking full advantage of these components.

Did you think I was going to reveal some hidden secret for health and wellness or the newest way to get your body in shape?

Well in a sense I am. I am telling you that health, fitness, and wellness require basic inputs in the right amount and in the right way. Those last two are the secret. In the right amount and in the right way.

You have these three amazing instruments but you have been using them ineffectively. Those instruments are your spirit, mind, and body. Each one comes with a simple yet very effective set of directions for optimum results in health, fitness, and well-being, along with love, happiness, and wealth.

As my high school algebra teacher Mr. Landers would say “ It so simple it’s slippery”.

Creating health, fitness, and well-being in your life is simple. All that is required is the deep desire and the will to implement these six simple components.

Any of you who have been following my articles, blogs, podcasts, and videos are well aware of these six components. They are your thoughts (self Image), breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Within these six components lie the keys to the kingdom of health, fitness, and wellness.

It’s time to get back to the basics!

Are you ready to jump into integrating these components and start feeling the results?

Let’s do this together. You can go to here and watch a complimentary webcast I made for you all on the six components.

I am here to support you on your journey.

I wish for all of you Vibrant Health!

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