Humility = Hope

Fotolia_3124697_Subscription_LNo matter what happens to us or by us in life it’s just part of the journey.  I use to think that my upside world was a sign of failure and there are some people in my life that see it that way, still.  I’m no longer one of them.  Every step I’ve taken has led me somewhere.  And that somewhere has shown me something about myself that I would never have known otherwise.

Are you trying to make ends meet?  Sharing a home with a friend or relative so you can both have a little extra security (financial and emotional)?  Have you taken a position you never thought you’d have to take?  You are NOT alone.  More so… Congratulations!  You’ve adapted to what your needs are now.  Celebrate your resilience.

Maybe it isn’t where you want to be but it works right now.  It also doesn’t mean you’ll be in this place forever.  One of the biggest Simple Steps you can take is to be humble in the midst of whatever you are dealing with.   In doing so you show that you have learned something.  And anything you can learn provides hope for your future.  Here are a few phrases I’ve developed… and use often when I’m feeling down or when someone else tries to put me down.

  • If you’ve come to this place because of a decision you made that didn’t work out memorize this mantra:

My decision didn’t work out quite the way that I’d planned but I’m doing all that I can for myself right now.  I’ve learned from this experience and I’m using those lessons to live my life differently.

  • If you’ve come to this place because of someone else’s decision (divorce, job loss, circumstances beyond your control) try this mantra:

Decisions were made that I had no control over but I do have control over what I’m going to do now and next.  I’m choosing to move forward in a way that is true to myself and supports my happiness.

  • And for those times when it’s a combination of responsibility, yours & someone else’s decisions or actions , you can use a little of both and say:

Everything happens for a reason and sometimes we understand it and sometimes it’s beyond our control. At this point I’m learning everything I can about this situation so I can use it to make my life even better going forward and that’s they way I’m going.

Use these phrases when you’re feeling down.  They are gentle reminders of your strength.   If someone else is trying to put you down use these statements to reflect your current state of mind. People who care about you will understand and respect your resilience.    If they don’t understand or keep harping on you it’s a reflection on who they are as person and really has nothing to do with you.  Walk away from them.  You don’t need their grief.

With each of these statements you’re able to feel better about yourself and feel empowered about your future.  Humility will always become you… and being in this state of grace always bring hope.

With love, Cheryl

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