Remaining Calm During Madness

How does one keep your vibration positive when it appears that there is madness all around you? You don’t want to look naïve to your coworkers, or like a Pollyanna to your family, or unsympathetic to a friend with a problem. And what is the value to YOU for staying positive?

Let me answer that last question first.

Fotolia_65720515_Subscription_Monthly_MThe value to you is to improve your own well-being. The better you feel, the less likely you are to get sick, or get in a car accident, or attract an argument with someone. The cells of your body actually respond to what you believe your life is like. If you think “My life is a disaster,” your cells will respond by not working properly, “knowing” that things are hopeless…that they are part of a losing team. I realize that sounds like a stretch, but more and more scientific types are finding this to be true. Researchers are creating tests to prove it so.

If instead you say “Life is good, I am healthy and all is well,” your cells will eat it right up! Energy food for the little guys and they LOVE it and will say “Oh good, I’m on a winning team so I will do my very best to work really well!”

Another important reason is to understand that how you are feeling will affect what happens around you. The “Law of Attraction” is becoming more and more accepted and it is hard to find anyone that has never heard of it. If you haven’t, it works like this…what ever you are thinking/believing, you are vibrating…and like vibrations will be attracted to you and you to them. Simple as that. It may be that you feel like a victim…so you will attract someone to victimize you. If you are depressed, you are likely to sit next to the most depressed person in any room you enter. So that is another reason to use whatever techniques you know about to improve your mood…to be more positive.

I am by no means saying you should “ignore” what is bothering you. You can’t stuff it away somewhere inside of you and pretend it isn’t there…because it will only fester and grow. What you CAN do is change your attitude about it. When there is this “thing” sitting there in the way of your happiness, instead of being depressed or sad about it, get to work figuring out how to get rid of it. If you can take that approach, you may have a new, fresh idea that you couldn’t see in your state of depression. Understand that the problem is OUTSIDE of you…it is not you.

The hard part, of course, is to know HOW to change your attitude, to change how you are feeling, or to minimize the importance of a perceived problem. Here are some things you can try.

  • Stop repeating your same sad story over and over. If something bad happened to you, it is NOT YOU. If you keep repeating it and repeating it, it BECOMES part of you. A good friend of mine and I came up with this technique: First acknowledge it, then release it, then focus on what you want. Adironnda says you can tell a story only three times, and that is it!       So choose your three times carefully and know that you are telling it to “let it go.”
  • Step back and look for the silver lining. If you look back at situations in your past, how often can you find a situation that looked like a road block while it was happening, but later ended up opening up a new and better opportunity for you. I ask you to just take a minute right now and think back about a particular situation that turned out that way for you. We have ALL had them and looking back at such stories helps us look for the good in any new situations we encounter.
  • Make time to have some fun. It can be as simple as stopping in to get an ice cream cone on the way home. Treat yourself to something special that you know makes you feel good. We have many touchstones from our childhood, so identify them and DO them.       If I really want to be comforted, I watch an old episode of “I Love Lucy.” It instantly erases the stress of “modern life” as we know it today. We know we can’t really go back there, and realistically don’t want to, but for 30 minutes, all the stress leaves my body/mind!
  • Learn to Meditate. Find time in your day, usually best at the very beginning of the day, to just sit in silence. There are so many programs out there today teaching people how to do it, and many of them are even free. If you decide that it is something you want to try, the right teacher or program WILL appear for you.       Someone will tell you about a program in conversation, or you will stumble across something on Facebook. It isn’t hard to learn and there have never been so many willing teachers.       It no longer needs to involve a specific religion or philosophy. Those days are long gone. It isn’t even mysterious! It is just a simple thing to learn to do to make your life better.

Print this list out and keep it somewhere. Then look at it again in a month and see if you actually tried any of these things, and if they helped. You have control of your own destiny…no one else. So what do you choose? I have worked on this my whole entire life and just now feel like I am actually starting to “live” it…so don’t be hard on yourself…there is no deadline.

Just keep trying. It is the ONLY way to get there!

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