You Must Practice Before It Will Integrate

Just last night I was sitting at my desk finishing up a podcast, and I was speaking about how “you must practice before it will integrate.” I was trying to help clients understand that lasting results only come with dedicated practice. With dedicated practice, the mind and body will integrate any actions or thoughts into a set of patterns that eventually become second nature. The mind and body will integrate thoughts and/or actions into its normal way of thinking and moving.

Fotolia_105312_Subscription_LTake the example of playing the piano. One must consistently practice in order to develop into a highly skilled piano player. You need to practice your scales first, and then move up to playing a complete set of music. All along the way your mind and body become more and more familiar as to what fingers to use, where to place them, and in what combination and sequence.

This can, at first, be quite challenging. Every time you sit at the piano the mind and body have to be reminded about proper finger placement, rhythm and so on. Thankfully, as time progresses the mind and body learn what is expected. The placement of your hands and fingers become so natural, you can actually feel the music as it moves from your body to express itself in the piano. Playing happens almost simultaneously with your thoughts about the notes. You have practiced so much that your mind and body have integrated the process of playing the piano as naturally as breathing.

This concept of “Entrainment” happens with every thought and consequential action you take. Your thoughts, feelings and actions are, in a greater sense, all entrained within your subconscious. As I have mentioned several times, it is your self-image, seated within your subconscious, that determines much of what you think and do.

Before any of this solidified as your self-image, it had to be entrained.

We either consciously or subconsciously accept thoughts and experiences as true. When this is repeated over and over it will become entrained. My focus here is on this repetition of your own thoughts.

When you begin to understand the power of this repetition, you can use it to your advantage. Just like becoming a highly skilled piano player, you can become whatever you desire, through repetition.

I will always direct our conversations toward health, fitness and wellness, but realize this works for anything in your life.

I urge you to practice your new self-image until it integrates into your subconscious in a way that it becomes natural. With practice, you will allow yourself to take on that healthier, happier image you have always desired!

Easy-peasy…right? Well, it can be quite easy once you begin to practice. In a sense, you have to practice the practicing. You have to become accustomed to your new self – image of health, fitness and wellness. This really is no different than learning to play the piano.

This practice is an acquired skill that results from consistent repetition.

If you truly wish to be healthy, you will finally embrace the value of practicing a healthy lifestyle. You will actually practice consistently eating well, exercising, drinking water, getting the proper amount of sleep, conditioning your thoughts, and breathing correctly.

These are the 6 Components to Health and Wellness that we have learned together!

You may now be saying, “why does David keep bringing up these six components?” It is because I care about you. Really, I do! I am conditioning you through repetition, so that these components become engrained into your thought process. This will allow you to more easily integrate these six components into your life.

I am your coach and your confidant. I know it can be a bit daunting to venture down the path of health, fitness and overall well being. Through years of studying what it takes to truly be completely well I also know that, with practice, anyone can obtain optimum health and wellness.

With consistent repetition you will naturally become that healthy, fit and sound individual. You will become a person who actually enjoys eating well, exercising, and obtaining enough water and sleep. You will greatly benefit from conditioning your thoughts through proper breathing and mediation techniques.

This new and improved self- image will be entrained into your subconscious. You will actually live like this without thought or effort, just like you are living right now as the person you are. At the moment, you don’t consciously consider what type of person you are…do you? Of course not! This is because, over the years, the current image you have of yourself has become entrained into your subconscious.

Would you like to recreate your image, and forge this incredible path taking you to health, fitness, and complete wellness?

Would you like to be filled with vibrant energy and vitality?

Take the first step, and reach out to me. I would love to help.

I wish for all of you Vibrant Health!

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