It’s About Sorrow

Fotolia_65755014_Subscription_Monthly_MIn the past I use to worry about money, my job and what people thought of me.   I’ve lived through those challenges and they are,  in retrospect,  insignificant in perspective and yet  experiences with value.  No, they were not my finest hour and yes, I made poor decisions.   I had to let go of the pain of the experience but never forget what I’ve learned from them.

I have survived the fires from the trappings in life and have come to a very different place.  A place where people matter.  A place where caring for others matters.  People and my pets are the sources of my pure joy and yet my greatest sorrows.  Still at the end of the day I know I’ve cared deeply, loved unconditionally and given the best that I can give.

We each get to make the decisions of how we will live and what meaning we choose to give our life.  Sometimes though it is about moving through the sorrows.  Out of it will we be become strong, angry, bitter or humble… or maybe all of that and more.    Yet on the other side of it… if we know we’ve done all we can and the best we could at that moment in time…  we can’t ask for more of ourselves… and no one else has the right to ask any more of us.

I’ve come to realize that feeling the full weight of the emotions that go with the pain is as important as getting past the pain.  We are souls having a human experience and that involves feeling the range of emotions that we are given.  As you’re dealing with your own struggles and feeling like the world around you is falling down… let it.  Witness it, feel it, grieve for it.  Doing so may not produce the answers you so desperately want or need… yet it does enable you to release the emotions and open up your capacity to deal with whatever remains.  And in doing so you realize you can and will.

With love, Cheryl

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