If Everything Happens For A Reason

Fotolia_39644006_Subscription_Monthly_MEverything happens for a reason.  I don’t know if I use that phrase as a justification for what I’m going through or if I actually believe it.  There is comfort in it but when times are tough I just want to be angry.  Do you know the feeling?

We experience traumas and stress in our life that we quite frankly wouldn’t wish on our worse enemies.  Some we know we played a role in  (and others may have too).  Going into bankruptcy or foreclosure.  The breakup of a relationship.  A car accident.  Others we can’t fathom in our worst nightmares that we had any responsibility in causing.  Cancer, a loved one dying young, a act of violence.  Yet if we believe in a grander plan, a higher power, then we need to have faith that there is a reason for them occurring.

I was reading something the other day and the message that touched me deeply was a variation of “everything happens for a reason.”  It said that the life experiences we have transpire just as they were intended too. Hmmm…. all these years of regrets, anger, stress & struggles occurred as they were meant to.  If that is the case then all the churning over my past or worry about the future were and are wasted efforts.  If instead we allow each moment to unfold and be OK with it, regardless of what “it” is, we can find peace.  Can you find it with your life?

To think that Jack’s cancer, my job loss & reversal of fortune were and are experiences I came here to have causes me to pause.  With each of these I remind myself (gently) that this journey has a purpose and there is a reason for everything.  I don’t have to like it… and yes sometimes I hate it.  But in the end there is purpose. The choice is mine.  Spend my days here struggling and stressing or by allowing and being open to the wisdom of the journey.

No… it may not be easy but it is a simple choice.

What about you?  What will you choose?

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