What Was Special About The Last Two Weeks?

Fotolia_4945175_Subscription_LTwo weeks ago I suggested that we each spend a little time at the end of each day to think about what was special about that day. I challenged myself to do it as a new habit.

What happened for me is that I started noticing things that I appreciated DURING the day, as they happened, taking note so that I would remember them at the end of the day! Wow. Not what I expected but was thrilled that it worked out that way! A discovery for me!

When you spend your day looking for what is right…what is “a good thing”….you will find them…you will find more goodness in your life than you realized when you weren’t looking. It’s a bit like being on a treasure hunt. So I am going to repeat what I wrote last time for you in the hopes that some of you might try it, and then let me know what YOUR experience was!

“As the sun sets, think back through the day and ponder what was special about this day, this one day of your life. It might be a very simple thing, like you got to pick your favorite new rose from your garden and put it on your husband’s desk. It might be that you wrote a supportive email to a friend. It could be that you had a happy conversation with a stranger in the check out line at the grocery store.”

I had a hair appointment yesterday and my friend and hair cutter remarked that I seemed to be over some issues that had bothered me for a couple of years! So I learned that I didn’t have to deal specifically with the issue, but rather spend more time each day feeling good. Wow, what a homework assignment!

Wouldn’t we all rather feel good than feel bad! If I hadn’t sat here and thought about it, the little gems of experiences I had on any given day would have floated right out of my existence without my receiving the benefit of them. Rather I might be sitting here worried about deadlines, paying bills, afraid about the snake (still not yet found), etc, etc, etc.

What really happens when you do something like this, when you stop to appreciate, is that you shift your energy, shift your “vibes.” For years we have been learning how “like energy” attracts “like energy.” So the more important result of this exercise is that you will, without conscious knowledge or control, attract to you more and more special moments.

Try it for just one week. Set an alarm on your phone or computer, or use the sun as your clock…as it sets, do this exercise. What harm can it do to try it? You don’t have to even tell anyone that you are doing it. I ask you again to give it a try, and then let me know if you had the same experience that I did! If you want to tell me how it worked for you, please email me at voiceofyoursoul@gmail.com

Can’t wait to hear how it works for you…and am thrilled about how it feels for me!

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