Creating Happiness Through Health

DF1Imagine what it would feel like to live a life of happiness, health, and well-being. Can you do that? Can you close your eyes and let yourself go to a time and place where you feel amazing vitality, strength, and a true sense of peace and happiness?

This is where it all starts. Right from where you are. No matter what is going on in your lives. Right here, right now, is the time to start the process of creating health and happiness for tomorrow.

What do you have in your life that you can be thankful for right now? There is so much you can’t even imagine. You just have to recognize it and stop rejecting it. Being present in this moment for what you do have will begin to bring more experiences into your life to be thankful for.

Yes, I am talking about gratitude. Since our time together is focused on health, fitness, and wellness, I will speak in those terms.

Maybe you don’t have the energy, body shape, health, or sense of well-being you are desiring; however, you still have plenty to be grateful for. See what you do have to work with as a gift, and take and mold yourself into someone spectacular.

Can you walk? Can you move your body? Are you able to put food on the table that is nutritious? Can you schedule time for exercise, meditation, and family? Do you have someone who will support and encourage you? (Yes you do; I am just a phone call away!)

Part of creating happiness in your life is creating health and fitness in your body.

When your body is strong and filled with vitality, you feel so much more confident and self empowered. You have the energy to step beyond the day’s normal activities and start following your passions.

When your body is healthy and strong, you are capable of so much more, and your spirit guides your thoughts into the expression of your full potential.

It is so true: “When you have your health, you have everything. When you do not have your health, nothing else matters at all.” Augusten, Burroughs

I have personally worked with many very successful people who were in such a state of pain and physical dysfunction that they could not see clear to feel happy or grateful for all that they had. Their lack of health pulled them down into fear and despair. Yet as we worked together, and as they began to create health and wellness, their enthusiasm for life returned, and they realized how precious health is to happiness.

Happiness comes out of a healthy spirit, mind, and body. We must give ourselves the spiritual, mental/emotional, and physical nutrition needed so we can radiate happiness from every cell in our body.

Spiritually, we must recognize we are the universal consciousness, or God, and we are here to live a life of abundance, happiness, and health. Then we need to claim this for ourselves by believing it and knowing we are capable of anything we can imagine.

Mentally/emotionally, we must focus our attention on knowing and feeling ourselves as that which we desire to be. When our thoughts and emotions drift towards the negative, we should recognize this and refocus our attention on our desires.

Physically, we must give our bodies abundant deep breathing, plenty of clean water, nutritious foods, the right amount of exercise, and plenty of sleep.

Happiness comes with a simple recipe: Love yourself enough to give your spirit, mind, and body what it needs in order to be healthy and to flourish.

By doing so, you will live a life that most will only dream of.

You deserve this, you know? You deserve to be happy, healthy, and well. No one outside of yourself can give this to you. You not only hold the key, but you are the key.

Unlock your potential of happiness, health, and wellness by starting today.

I am here to help you on this journey.

I wish for you Vibrant Health!

David E. Fresilli

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