Risking Your Health and Wellness


The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. – Michelangelo

This quote by Michelangelo gets right to the root of why most folks never accomplish what they dream of creating in their health and wellness and their life.

We are afraid to risk, and so our aim in life is to just get by. We allow our fear of taking risk to stop us from trying to make a better life.

When we think of risk it is usually in the form of taking some action and the possibilities of not succeeding.

For you to achieve your desires you must take risk. Risk allows for growth. For growth to happen there will always be resistance in the process.

A person who never risks and plays it safe is actually holding themselves back from being more, having more, and experiencing more.

Think of starting a business, or buying a house or investing money, or starting / ending a relationship or starting a health and fitness program to get healthy. Each comes with the risk of not succeeding and the possibility of ending up right back where you started.

When we think deeply on the subject of risk we can take each one of those negative possibilities of loss and ask what is at risk if we do not take the actions to be successful in those endeavors. What are we risking then?

That is in my opinion is the way to look at a situation. It is the possibilities of what you will never create if you do not risk.

There are two sides to every coin. In fact my mentor Paul Chek says there are three sides, the positive, the negative and the edge of the coin, which states the potential to create the positive.

You should never be afraid of risk. Risk doesn’t mean to haphazardly jump into something, but instead using a calculated thought out process. You should get excited in knowing that if there is risk there is also gain. We should always and only focus on the gain.

In my view there is little to no risk in beginning a health and wellness lifestyle. When done sensibly you can only improve your state of health and wellness. The real risk comes if you don’t give yourself the gift of health and wellness. By doing nothing you will progressively move towards dysfunction illness and disease.

When thinking about creating health and wellness we should also apply these questions.

  • What are you risking by not taking care of your health and wellness?
  • What are you risking by creating a healthy lifestyle.

You’ll see by your answers that the risks of not taking care of your health and wellness is far greater than risks of creating a healthy lifestyle.

I would love to help you create happiness, health and wellness in your life.

I wish for you a vibrant life!  David E. Fresilli

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