Healing The Person Not The Dysfunction

Fotolia_6950214_Subscription_XLWe in the western world are accustomed to solving the problems at hand without many time looking deeper at the true cause.

In western allopathic medicine there are ointments, pills, wraps, therapies, and surgery to resolve our health and wellness issues. The challenge is much of the time we are only addressing the outer physical dysfunction and ignoring the true cause within person.

When we address health and wellness in an integrative and holistic approach we look deeper into helping the person heal along with the dysfunction. Better stated we always want to help the person heal their spirit, mind, and body so that the body will then heal itself.

Remember, our bodies are amazing. They have the innate ability to heal themselves if given a chance.

When you are experiencing health issues, and or pain, certainly you should seek the advice of your doctor. However it is also an important moment to question what brought on the issue.

If I asked you what brought on your health issues most will say “ I don’t know” and I am sure that is probably true.

Yet it is our body that is experiencing the health issue. Why are we so blind to the causes?

We have never been taught how our bodies work. No one has ever told us how to help the body heal. Just as importantly we are reliant on the medical field to just tell us what’s wrong and by doing so we give our own power to heal ourselves away.

This power I speak of is nothing more than the knowledge, skills, and ability we need to acquire to help ourselves.

There are certain fundamental components to creating health and wellness in our lives. I have spoken of them frequently. What now needs to happen is for all of us to begin to implement them into our lives.

By implementing these 6 simple steps of health and wellness you can help your body heal itself, and in doing so create a life of health and wellness many people never get to experience.

Each one of these components is a simple step you integrate into your life at an optimum level. Starting from the top are your thoughts, then breathing, hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Now there is much more than to say I already do those things, because of course we all do, but it the level at which you do them that makes the difference between healing or taking the path to illness and disease.

This is the concept in healing the person not the dysfunction.

To continually address the health issues and not address what a person is doing to their body that is causing the health issues is the definition of insanity.

Each and every one of us holds the power to make the best choices for our spirit, mind, and body. No one forces us to eat poorly, or abuse our bodies in the many ways that are available, whether it’s smoking, drinking, or any other type of abuse.

Happiness, health, and wellness have a simple formula. It first must start with a commitment to take responsibility for your actions, and stepping forward into healing yourself.

Illness, injury, and disease, many times are only due to our body’s inability to fight off the stages of the dysfunction. On the other hand when we live a lifestyle of health and wellness our bodies are well equipped to heal and defend against possible health challenges.

I would love to help you begin this journey of health and wellness.

I wish for all of you Vibrant Health!

David Fresilli – Holistic Health Practitioner











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