Having a Dream

Fotolia_49763353_Subscription_Monthly_MLet’s talk about creating health and wellness in your life. What do you think is the first step to take? How about signing up at a gym, or starting a better eating plan, maybe it’s making an appointment with your doctor to get his advise?

Well in fact the first step in creating health and wellness in your life is finding out what your dream is.

My dream? What do you mean my dream? What does living on a tropical island have to do with my health and wellness?

I would tell you it has everything to do with whether you succeed in accomplishing your health and wellness or failing.

What I am actually speaking of is finding that one absolutely tangible thought that will inspire you to take action everyday to create your health and wellness.

We are talking about motivation!

When we are motivated to do something it is easy and painless. We have focus and energy to go after our dream.

So your dream must be something that holds a great deal of power for you. It cannot be something small. When a goal is small there is very little motivation to go after it. It is only when a dream is really big, that we get excited.

Look at any personal development course out there from one of the several masters and having that dream is at the top of the list.

You have to know what you truly want before you can achieve it.

So to say my dream is to be healthy and fit isn’t strong enough. There’s no tangible aspect to that. However if you get really specific and say my dream is to transform my body into a vibrant, lean, strong, sexy, beautiful, body, then we have something to work with. Now we want you to get even more specific by cutting out photos and drawing pictures, and describing in detail what it will feel like and look like to be healthy and fit. Having a specific dream that really excites you when you think about it and can describe it in every detail will carry even more power for you.

You’ll know if your dream isn’t big enough if it doesn’t motivate you into action. If this is the case sit down give yourself time to really figure it out. Make lists of what you want and don’t want. Refine that list and get to the nitty-gritty until you discover what it is that really excites you.

Take sometime to get quiet with yourself away from everyone else and ask yourself

“What do I really want my health and wellness to be, what will it feel like to be really healthy and fit?” Then allow your higher self to begin to show you.

Write down those moments if inspired thoughts, cut out the photos in the magazines, make the calls, meet the people. As you take these actions that come to you it will become clear what you truly want to achieve. As this happens write down and refine your dream until it is as clear as a bell in your head.

With this dream in hand, heart and mind you will now be ready to begin the next steps needed to create your health and fitness because now you are absolutely sure of what it is that you are striving for.

Do you need more help in figuring out your dream? I am here to help give me a call or send an email. Let’s work together to awaken your dream and create the health and fitness you have always desired.

I wish for you vibrant Health.

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