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Three Choices Determine Your Happiness, Health & Wellness

Three choices will determine your outcome of happiness, health and wellness. Fotolia_44473554_Subscription_XL

Every moment of the day we are making choices. Do we get up out of bed on time, do we eat a healthy breakfast, do we focus on what we want to achieve, do we make the best choices for creating the life we dream of?

Making choices that move us towards our desires instead of away are something only we have control over.  No one else can force us into our decisions. It is, as it always has been, our responsibility. Now for some that seems like a heavy burden to carry, however I would gently suggest it is a gift.

You truly don’t want someone else making your choices for you. If you allow this you are in effect giving them your power, and you now become a servant to their decisions.

So what are these three choices? Let’s take a look at them one at a time. As we discuss each choice I want you to think about the choices you made today and see what category they fall into. Then I want you to consider the outcome of your choices and how they will affect you whether in a day a week, a month, or a year.

My mentor Paul Chek taught me this and it awaken within me how great our choices can affect our lives. It gave me an appreciation of the power of choice, and the responsibility to take full advantage of this power. So now I share it with you.

Our optimum choice in any situation is one that takes into consideration the greater good of not only my desires but also everyone it will affect. An optimum choice is the best choice to bring about results towards our goals and desires. An optimum choice will always be supported by your intuition. Your higher self will tell you the optimum choice.

Once you start truly following your inner voice you will realize you are always doing the right things. Yes there will be times when the optimum choice means having to do more work and not cutting corners or taking the easy way out, but as we will discuss, those less than optimum choices come with consequences, and usually don’t save us any time or effort.

Our second choice is a sub-optimum decision to handle something. We know right away this is not optimum because our inner guidance is already telling us this is a short cut, which doesn’t feel right. Now most of us try to ignore this guidance and make reasonable excuses why we shouldn’t have to make the best choice. Low and behold these sub-optimum choices almost always come with a painful lesson, which teaches us “You should have listened to me in the first place and you would have avoided all this frustration”.

How about making a commitment to yourself to start eating healthy. The optimum choice when going out to dinner with friends is to order a quality meal and only eat small portions while skipping desert and all the wine. Instead we decide “heck no, I am out with friends and it to hard to make the optimum choice so I’m just going to enjoy myself and eat what I want”. With this sub-optimum choice comes the consequences of weight gain, low self-esteem, creating a pattern of failure in the sub conscious, a hangover from too much alcohol, and let’s throw in some day after digestive problems. All this due to one sub-optimum choice. Now just multiply this through your days and see where you are causing your desired results to get off track.

The good thing about sub-optimum choices is they teach us a lesson so we can then correct our decision-making the next time.

The last choice is one of apathy or indifference. Due to overwhelm, pain, or just laziness many times we decide not to decide. We choose not to choose. We say” the heck with it, I not going to do anything”. What we need to realize is that even when we decide not to make a choice we are making a choice. So you cannot escape the process. The only difference is with optimum and sub-optimum choices you are taking responsibility to handle a situation while with indifference you are ignoring your responsibility. When we ignore an issue it will always come back to bite us. Sometimes big, sometimes small and in most cases it is just postponing the inevitable pain of a now bigger more pressing issue, which will take much more effort to resolve.

So you see it is always best to make the optimum choice even though there will be times when it is challenging. One thing I promise you is this. Optimum choices will always create a sense of strength and confidence, and rightness of character within you, and as you continue to make those optimum choices your results will exponentially increase until you reach your goals.

I wish for all of you Vibrant Health!

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