Create A Ritual Of Light And Love

light and loveGreeting the day ahead

The other day my mom and I were discussing how some people naturally bounce out of bed with a  smile on their face ready to take on the day, while others can barely muster enough energy to put one foot on the ground.  Fortunately both my mom and I are the former.  As an extra bonus, my father was also one to wake up extremely happy – sometimes too happy, says my mom.  At 82, she still wakes up with a smile on her face, eager to greet the day ahead.

So, when people ask me how I can remain so positive, so blissful, I can honestly reply “I come by it naturally”.

Obviously that is not the case for everyone.  What does one do when they don’t wake up with a spark?

Create a ritual of light and love.

If you’ve ever had the opportunity to witness the sun rising over the water or a mountain top, then you have experienced the beauty in the Universes daily ritual of light; the beauty of those small rays’ of brilliant light that swiftly expand into a golden ball, illuminating the morning sky.  This ritual takes place all over the world, every single day of the year, whether we witness it or not.

Taking our cue from Mother Nature, we can illuminate our own lives by creating a private ritual of light and love each morning in the privacy of our own home or space.  Even though I naturally wake up in a good mood, I still practice a morning ritual.  For me, it seals the deal on the day ahead.  Life will still happen;  there will be bumps along the way.  Knowing that I have established an intention for my day makes those bumps a little less painful.

My ritual goes something like this:

Before I even set a foot on the ground I begin thanking God/Source/Divine/Universe whatever you call it for another night’s rest and another day ahead.  I thank my tribe, both seen and unseen, the angels, all divine beings, ascended masters, elders and Mother Earth.  Then I make coffee!

While my coffee is brewing I light a candle, look out in my yard and begin radiating love to my community, to the entire world, and see that light expanding through the day ahead in how I interact with family, animals, clients, colleagues and friends, bringing that love back to me.  I greet the day, grounded in a loving embrace.

This is the ritual I have created for myself.  Any practice offered on a regular basis soon becomes a habit.  Create your own ritual of light and love and soon you’ll be waking with a sunny disposition every day of your life!

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