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Shifting Your Energy by Releasing the Old so the New Can Come In!

Fotolia_29717546_Subscription_Monthly_MSpring is the most auspicious season to shift your surrounding energy by releasing all that no longer serves you and allowing the new vibrant energy to flow freely within and around your space.  This is most effective when it’s achieved on all energetic levels of Being: emotionally, mentally, physically and environmentally.  It’s the releasing of your past and excess baggage while simultaneously sowing and nurturing your seeds of desire with specific goals and intentions for your present and future experiences.  This is you energetically co-creating your overall desired vision and living the life of your dreams with purpose and passion.

Many of us have a tendency to hold onto EVERYTHING to the point of creating both tangible and intangible forms of energetic blockages.  By doing this, we are vibrationally reflecting out to the Universe a sense of being overwhelmed, feeling stuck, no longer having control or keeping up. You are no longer appreciative of what you have or where you are, you experience feelings of boredom, addiction or depression, and energetically you begin obstructing the vibrational flow of ease for anything new to come in.

Raising your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy can be done by:

  • Taking a swim in the ocean or a salt water bath.  A great recipe to cleanse your aura and detoxify your body of toxins and impurities is by mixing 1 pound of Baking Soda and 1 pound of Epson Salt in equal parts and soaking for 15-20 minutes.  Be sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to rehydrate your body.
  • Walking barefoot in the grass or hugging a tree.  Incorporating plants and fresh-cut flowers throughout your space, especially those from your garden, offer the highest vibrational energy.
  • Juicing, eating fresh fruits and vegetables (whenever possible from your own geographical area) and drinking 6-8 oz glasses of water daily.
  • Meditating, yoga, stretching, exercising, walking, dancing, getting a full body massage and pampering yourself on a regular basis.
  • Implementing your creative expression through writing, singing, playing an instrument, painting, drawing, photography, gardening, sewing or other creative avenues.
  • Speaking only kindness to yourself and others.  Seeing yourself in the highest light.  Believing in yourself.  Offering forgiveness to yourself and others.  Loving yourself and being good to yourself on all levels of Being.
  • Expanding your inner-circle by connecting and collaborating with other like-minded and heart-centered people.

Raising the vibrational energy of your ENVIRONMENT (home, office and vehicles) can simply be achieved by:

  • Removing: If you don’t use it then consider selling it, donating it or giving it away.  Only keep the items you absolutely love.
  • Organizing: Organize each room and create functional spaces starting with your closets, drawers, cabinets and storage areas.
  • Cleansing: Your space from top to bottom.  Steam clean your carpets, drapery and soft furniture.  Put a fresh coat of paint on the walls.
  • Clearing: Your space by belling and smudging.  Incorporate the natural elements of water, fire, plants, fresh flowers and rocks.  Implement fung shui principles.






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