Soulcial Living – 56 acts of Loving Kindness

Fotolia_54607324_Subscription_XXLAnd so the time has come to share my last 14 suggestions for “Soulcial Living”. Since January 9, 2014 I have offered you over 56 ways to practice, including the suggestions below.  That equals at least one kind gesture a week every day of the year.

In ‘Loving kindness: The Revolutionary Art of Happiness’ Sharon Salzberg says:

“The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention.” 

This is the secret to Soulcial Living – what we focus on multiples; simple yet true.

Begin this practice by bringing more loving kindness into your life.  Incorporate gestures of love, kindness and simplicity into your everyday existence.  Here are 14 additional tips to guide you:

  1. Let someone into traffic who looks like they are in a rush
  2. Start a campaign to help an individual or a group.
  3. Plant a tree or flowers in a neglected area in your neighborhood
  4. Let a debt go that someone owes you, whether monetarily or otherwise
  5. Give up your seat on a train or bus
  6. Tell a service providers manager what a great job they did
  7. Donate your long hair to Locks of Love
  8. Write a referral for someone
  9. Send thoughts of compassion to someone you dislike or feel uncomfortable
  10. Make homemade treats for your co-workers
  11. Send your favorite inspirational book to someone who is down
  12. Use less energy in your home and office (kindness for the planet)
  13. Stick up for someone who has been treated wrongly or unjustly
  14. Radiate loving kindness to the planet


 15.Be gentle with yourself

Everything begins with YOU!

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