Message from the Cards

FlowerBulbCardFor this weeks column, I decided to do what I have been doing for my blog for a couple of years, which is to draw a card from the Voice of the Soul deck for all of us, not for just my personal message.  So I drew “The Flower Bulb” card, with the meaning: Faith in Manifestation

Flower bulbs absolutely fascinate me. They are this living bit of matter that lays dormant most of the year, then when they get the right signals, BOOM they put forth beautiful flowers…again and again, year after year after year! So what does the drawing of this card, this symbol, mean to you this week?

The card itself reads: “If you have faith no greater than a mustard seed all your dreams will manifest in your life.  Observe the powerful ability within a flower bulb to produce incredible beauty, year after year without doubting that it can.  Ask, trust, receive.”

This card, The Flower Bulb, reminds me that it is a natural act of nature to grow and bloom. Life wants to be beautiful. For me, many people in our lives discourage our growth, all for their own reasons. So what this card COULD mean is that it is a good idea to look for signals and people in our life that support our blossoming. If you ponder this, you may come up with a different meaning.  That is your gift to yourself, taking the time to ponder the meaning to you personally.

This is a perfect time of year to watch this “symbol” come to life as it is time to plant Spring bulbs, in the yard (unless your yard is covered with snow) or inside your home.  If you plant them in the yard, they will likely come back year after year, and every year when they do, you will be reminded that you supported a blossoming!  Perhaps it will assist you in your own blossoming.

What else could this mean to you?  I could mean that there is an idea that has been germinating inside you for a while and it is time for it to come forth. It could mean that your efforts to nurture someone in your life will be rewarded with a beautiful experience.  Do you see how this works?  The meaning FOR you can only be determined BY you. So give it some thought and see what you come up with.  And be sure to share it with me if you are so inspired!  Write to me at  I’d love to hear from you!

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