Want to Create a Sacred Life?

Fotolia_39762806_Subscription_Monthly_M“I experience my life as a sacred ritual,” she said.  A quiet, matter of fact response to the question, ‘What is your favorite sacred feminine ritual?’ This profound statement was made by my friend Carol. At 75 years old, she is the elder/grandmother of our wise women’s circle and one of the most graceful women I’ve ever met. I’m grateful I asked the question.

I love the idea of choreographing my life in a beauty way. Contemplating what I want my sacred life to look and feel like has been top of mind since hearing Carol claim her life with complete clarity.

The first step was to allow my curiosity to unfold. I had to go within and sit with the question; how do I want to define my sacred life? Here is what came up for me.

My sacred life will overflow with:

  • loving kindness and compassionate self-care
  • creative expression
  • spaciousness
  • connection and community service
  • infinite gratitude

The second step was to drill down and define what each of these areas represent.

Loving Kindness + Compassionate Self-care

I practice loving kindness with my family, friends and community. This way of being includes nonviolent communication, generosity, mindfulness and staying present. Learning to be gentle with my Self has become a treasured daily practice. Pace yourself and breathe deeply. Learn to recognize old patterns and quiet shaming inner critics. Compassionate self-care is generous and loving way to honor your mind, body and soul.

Creative Expression

I love photography, music, writing, painting, cooking, and making my personal space inviting and beautiful. Our environment, personal style and creative endeavors contribute to a sacred life. Explore what you want to create and how you wish to express yourself. Discover what brings you the most joy. Learn to flaunt the sweet spots of your creativity.


As an introvert, I sometimes experience anxiety before making a speech or attending large social gatherings. After speaking engagements, I need a full day of down time to recover from all of the energy I give away. Introverts prefer intimate friendships and time with small groups of people, on occasion. We need a lot of space in between engagements. My extroverted friends don’t require as much spaciousness in their lives because they thrive in crowds and enjoy the hustle of a busy social scene. Introverts, not so much. Have you identified if you are introvert or extrovert? Do you need to consciously create more spaciousness in your life?


The more thankful I am about my present reality, the more prosperity and abundance flow into my life. When I’m needy, constricted or feeling depleted, it seems as if everything comes to a halt. On the days you experience self-doubt, fear and uncertainty, you can still give thanks. Choose to be grateful for your health, that you have clean water to drink, and a warm bed to sleep in. Learn to give thanks for your current situation, just as it is.

Connection and Friendship

Saying yes to participating in a wise women’s circle has proven to be a blessed gift of connection. For most of my life I chose to go it alone. I was the strong one and rarely ever asked for help from my friends. In the last two years I’ve softened and allowed myself to be witnessed when I’m sad, angry or feeling small. Do yourself a favor and set aside the illusion of your separateness. Learn to receive. Allow for more heart-centered openness, vulnerability and transparency. We are all in this together.

Now that I’ve shared how I choose to define my sacred life, I invite you to explore what lights you up, makes you feel vivacious and divinely present. You deserve to be the architect of your one precious life.

Sacred Questions

  • How do you wish to define your sacred life?
  • What can you do right now to be more present for your experience?
  • What makes you come alive?
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