It’s Time To “BE”

Fotolia_65720515_Subscription_Monthly_M For years I’ve heard that I need to meditate or do something that would quiet my mind.  Of course then my mind would be going off in all directions trying to figure out “what” to do to be still.  It has been the classic “Catch 22.”  With all that goes on in our lives, personal and professional, we’re locked in a speed mode.

If you’re trying to balance family, career, and every other responsibility on your plate then taking time out for yourself seems indulgent… or at very least it’s on the bottom of your list of things to do.  Of course we know that we need to take care of ourselves in order to care for others… but that doesn’t mean we do.

What I’ve come to realize that we do have 10 minutes that we can claim for ourselves every day… if we choose to.  It’s easier to focus on something outside of ourselves because then we don’t have to face our perceived shortcomings.  The funny thing is if we’d take those few minutes for ourselves we wouldn’t have as many concerns.

I’m not much for New Year’s Resolutions but I do believe that on any give day we can choose to live differently.  Learning to just “be” still for a few minutes every day has so many benefits.  It clears the head, nurtures our soul and allows our bodies to relax.  Wouldn’t that feel good?

Here are a few Simple Steps that you can try when you’re ready to just “BE:”

  • Take a walk, alone.  Whether you walk a block or just to the end of your driveway or back doesn’t matter.  Use the time to breathe deeply and if something pops into your head acknowledge it and go back to focusing on just breathing.
  • Soak in a tub or soak your feet one of those Spa Foot Baths. Great for those who need to gently move into “BE-ing” and aren’t quite ready to sit quietly.  🙂 9780399173424
  • Start a meditation practice.  Victor Davich is the author of “8 Minute Meditation” which Time Magazine calls “the most American form of mediation yet.”   (Victor will be my guest on  the Simple Steps Real Change Radio Show in January.  More to come on this.)

When you’re ready to take your life to a new and happier place then start simply by just “Be-ing.”  It will open up a new world that has been waiting for you to BE part of it!

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