Acknowledge and Release

Fotolia_4114986_Subscription_LI believe I have mentioned this phrase before, but want to share some more thinking about it.  I was “complaining” about a business situation and my husband said “Here’s some advice…if you can’t change it, stop worrying about it!” We have all heard that before, but I want to add something to that thought.

Before you release anything that doesn’t feel good or right to you, you have to shift your feeling about it!  That is the newest level of operating these days as a human being.  So before I released that point of worry, I needed to shift my FEELING about the situation.  So how does one do that?  Here is a simple process you can use, as I did.

  1. Ponder the real and actual effect the situation has on you.  Will it affect your income, your work schedule, your status in the community! Or, is this just about you not having “control.” Many times this step is all you need to do, and you can have a good laugh at yourself for being “upset” about something that doesn’t REALLY affect you. That little chuckle will lift up your vibration to a higher state and you can go on to step 3.
  1. If you realize that the situation really will have a substantial effect on your life, then it deserves to be acknowledged as real, not just a knee jerk reaction.  So now what? If you truly acknowledge it for what it is, you can choose to release it and go on to the next step. Yes, just ask to release it.  You may not feel that exactly at first, but honoring it is a pretty essential step.  Otherwise, it just goes and hides somewhere in your brain/body and will pop up again, perhaps even in regards to a totally different situation.  So even if you don’t really feel it, just ask to have that released from your life’s experience.
  1. This is the most important part.  Now you need to spend time visualizing what you DO want, now that you are clear about what you DON’T want.  Think/feel how it could be different, how the situation could turn around in a positive direction and think/feel how that would be for you.  FEEL it!  This is your creative imagination doing its best work.  This is the potential you have for actually creating your life…for making yourself happier! So imagine the situation to be different that it appears to be, imagine it to be a GREAT outcome for you, imagine that the other people involved are also thrilled with this new direction, imagine it a WIN/WIN situation.  They don’t have to lose for you to win after all!

This is how you take control of your life.  Right there. The more time you spend visualizing what you want…and FEELING it, the sooner “what you want” will appear in your life. And the best part is that you will actually feel better along the way. Having something or not having something isn’t really the point, how you are feeling is the point!  So if something or someone is making you unhappy, you are giving them your energy.  It is draining you of your positive juice!  So recognize it, honor it, release it, then spend time playing with what you want.

If you have your own story to share, please write to me and I will “anonymously” share it.  We all benefit from each other’s stories.  Write me at

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