Your Most Precious Gift This Holiday Season

JTThe holidays can be such a delicious time of year, especially when we have happy memories to embrace.  Our happy memories can be the springboard to create even more joy during the current holiday season, continuing the pattern of all things loving, cheery and bright.

For some of us, though, the holiday blues can be an all too familiar experience.  Whether it is a result of our personal expectations being too high, missing a loved one, spending time with family members we’re not too keen about, or something else, the mere thought of the holidays can make us shudder

Whether or not you experience some things bright and others blue, the mandate for the season invites us to consider our relationships in the spirit of reconciliation where there may have been separation and misunderstanding.

What a wonderful opportunity, indeed.  When considering relationship reconciliation, it may entail some type of repair, which is defined as: To restore to sound condition after damage or injury.  I love the idea of restoring relationships to sound, solid and strong condition.  For this holiday season I invite you to give yourself the most precious gift of all, which can be a most effective bridge in repairing other relationships: repair your relationship with yourself first.

In your willingness to repair your relationship with yourself first, please consider that you are reuniting with your optimism, your sense of fun, and your secret dreams.  To reunite, in this case, is to re-pair with your innate joy and zest for life.  And when did you have it most?  When was it easiest to remember?  When you were a child.

Repair yourself by re-pairing with your child self.  Give your precious little one everything they missed while growing up.  If during the holidays you didn’t get what you wanted, whatever it may have been, use your imagination and see your little one having it … love, acceptance, toys, fun, kisses, praise, ALL OF IT!

See your little one happy and energized.  Imagine.  BIG.  Breathe in, very deeply, and acknowledge that you have everything you have always wanted.  YOU are your little one’s parent now, and it is up to you to cuddle, honor and appreciate them, taking especially good care of them at all times.

In our consensus reality, we are acknowledging the continuing existence of and, more and more, the importance of, the well-being of our child self.  We are discovering that, by incorporating esoteric and unconventional approaches to emotional healing, we can experience amazing results.

Take time for yourself.  When you use your imagination to love your younger self, thus re-writing your own history by replacing disappointment with fulfillment, it changes your energetic frequency right now.  The more your younger self is happy and content now, you will enjoy more satisfaction in your reality right now.

Be willing to open your heart and imagination to see things differently.  Here is the kicker: when you give yourself now what you needed back then, it is as if it is happening right now.  Your subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference when it comes to time; it just knows the sensations of what you are feeling now, whatever that may be.  With that awareness, your ability to heal is absolutely limitless.

The winter season is also often associated with going underground.  It can be the perfect time to reflect in order to prepare for the promise of budding again come springtime.  With your shift in mindset, you can allow this holiday season to be the foundation upon which all of your future seasons, holiday or otherwise, are built.  So, make it good.  Make it special.  Make it wonderful.  Practice, practice, practice.  Anchor in the good feelings and watch your life transform!

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