Gratitude Habits

twWant to get through anything with ease and grace?  Be grateful.

Two of my favorite words are Thank You! It always amazes me how wonderful it feels to say and hear those words.

When I say them, I know that something delightful has taken place in my life. In fact, I wake up every morning with “Thank you” in my head – “Thank you” that I am alive to live another day, no matter what happens.

When I hear them, I know that someone has simply received something – a gift, a thought, a smile.  It might have been from me, or it might have been in a conversation I had the honor of overhearing.  (Sometimes eavesdropping is a good thing.)

Like most of you, I’ve had my share of ups and downs.  Those who know me well, know the “back story” of my life, sometimes ask me how I did it, how I managed to get through it all and still have a smile on my face.  One simple word:  Gratitude.

Replace old habits with new ones to create an attitude within that focuses on what works instead of what doesn’t!

What’s a habit?

According to it’s an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary – a learned behavior that we’ve repeated so often we don’t even think about it, we just do it.

What we focus on multiplies!

When we focus on what we are grateful for every day, gratitude becomes a natural part of our life, like brushing our teeth.  All habits are formed by repeatedly practicing or living a certain behavior over and over again.

How to make gratitude work for you?

  • Open your eyes in the morning with “Thank you!”
  • Close your eyes at night with “Thank you!”
  • Be grateful for everything in your life – good, bad or indifferent.
  • ·      Be open to seeing something good in every situation. Sometimes you might have to look a little harder than others.
  • Recognize your blessings: the breath you take, even if it’s labored; a sunny day, even when it’s cold; a warm coat, even if it has holes in it; shoes on your feet.
  • ·      Say “Thank you” often.  Pay attention to how many times a day you say “Thank you!”
  • ·      Pay attention to how many times a day you hear “Thank you!”
  • Create your own ABC’s of gratitude.

How long does it take for a habit to form?  Who knows. There are too many variables.  It doesn’t take long though to know we want to be happier; sometimes we simply choose not to act.

Focusing on gratitude takes your attention off of the lack or negativity in your life and puts the focus on what’s working, what’s positive and joyful.  Remember, what we focus on multiplies, thus gratitude raises our vibration to our own place of joy.


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