Who’s Story Is It?

Fotolia_52817065_Subscription_XLDo you believe it’s your responsibility to “tell it like it is?”  I know  I use to believe that my greatest strength was telling people how they could be a better employee, leader or team player. Because I  wanted them to get promoted or be more respected I believed that brutal honesty was not only necessary but a service to others.  I am not sure if that was totally egotistical or just misguided from years of being on the receiving end of it.  In the last few years since leaving corporate America my need to be blunt has been blunted by the “reality” of my life.

Today I was reading a new book by Greg Kuhn.  Greg is a regular contributor to Simple Steps Real Change Magazine and I consider him my friend.  He operates in the space of Quantum Physics and quite frankly I don’t always get it.  It’s an acquired taste, so to speak… but Greg always finds a way to help me understand his teachings.

Anyhow…  In his new book, How Quantum Physicists Build New Beliefs, Greg writes, “What you have undoubtably called “telling it like it is” has always actually been “telling it as you’re choosing to tell it.”   The book is about changing your beliefs… but in this one passage I had another “aha” moment in my life that might speak to you too.

As of late I’ve allowed myself to be dragged down by the negativity I’ve encountered from the medical profession.   While I understand they can’t make promises… their doom and gloom approach just makes this whole journey harder to deal with.  I’ve wondered how I can believe that all will be ok if the doctors won’t tell me it will be.

Then it hit me… I have been seeing this journey through the filter of a profession where obtaining medical releases and legal documents precede treatment.  Don’t get me wrong… I have total faith in these doctors.  They are the best of the best.  Over the last few years though I’ve come to realize how much they can’t do… or say.

We don’t have to agree with their version of the story, nor do we have to defer to it or even buy into it.   They are telling it as they choose to… for whatever their reasons are.  We get to make our own choice.  No one knows better than we do about our life, our happiness or our future.  That truth lies within our soul.    And if what we hear from the voice within is different from what someone else says… we need to listen to our own voice, first and last.  Because no one has our best interests in mind like we do.

And for anyone who wants to tell you to “face reality” or to quit being a “Pollyanna” remember that their judgement is a reflection on their own fears.  Don’t make them yours.

Shared with love & kindness, Cheryl

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