What is Your Role?

Fotolia_43751292_Subscription_XLMany of us sometimes feel that what we do for ourselves personally isn’t important for the global picture, but it really is. I am starting to see now how shifting up of consciousness is a “group effort” and everyone has a part to play. We are all in this together!

My gift to help people at this time is the use of divination to get messages from our own higher selves … for personal guidance. I studied the I Ching many years ago and learned for myself how information comes to us and how profound it can be if we are in the right place when we ask questions or ask for general advice. It takes a GIANT leap of faith to learn to listen to and TRUST our higher self. It is also important to know that you might well make mistakes as you learn to identify that specific voice. The difference between a culprit thought or a childhood guilt and your own higher voice is very, very subtle … but practice makes perfect. It is the only way to learn …by practicing.

For me, I use my own deck of Voice of the Soul cards or the I Ching. You can use any system as long as you are comfortable with and can relate to the symbols. There are TONS of decks of divination cards available today … hayhouse.com lists an amazing 83 different decks you can purchase … so certainly there is a deck that will work for you.

The real key to learning to “hear” your higher-self voice is to be in the right state when you draw your card. If you are in an emotional state of turmoil, you are not likely to get an accurate reading. At the very least, take a few deep breaths and relax and clear your mind so that you only see the question you are asking or the period of time you want general advice for. Using divination cards is only one way to learn to listen to your higher self. The more you listen to your higher self, the higher your vibration will be.

So how does learning to listen to your own higher voice, and hence raising your vibration, affect the whole planet? How does what you do help all of humanity? Think of every human as if they are a tuning fork. If you are not sure what a tuning for is, go to http://www.onlinetuningfork.com/ and click on the images there to hear them. They were designed for musicians to use to tune their instruments. I have seen a demonstration where one tuning fork that has been struck is moved next to another one and that one will start to vibrate too!

What that means is that how you are vibrating … at what level … will affect the person next to you in line in the grocery store … and your family that lives across the country! So the efforts that each of us makes to “raise” our vibration to a higher level really does have an effect on the whole planet. You have likely seen the film of the ping pong table covered with mouse traps with a ping pong ball in each one. Tossing one ping pong ball onto the table sets off a reaction that causes all the balls to jump into the air. We can’t SEE the vibrations that we are emanating, but others can FEEL the vibration of your energy and will respond to it. If you have ever stood next to someone that gave you a chill, it could be that their vibration is very low, giving you the feeling of cold.

I wish “mood rings” really worked so we could easily monitor our vibration at all times. Actually, there are companies making devices that help you monitor your level of anxiety/calm. I have one myself. It is simple to use and is just one more way you can help yourself … which in turn will help everyone else. Just ask to be “shown” something like this that is right for you and before you know it, a friend will tell you about it or a magazine will fall open to an article about it.

The good news about this is that all of these things I’ve mentioned here are beneficial to us. The idea of “personal sacrifice for good of the whole” is no longer valid. The better it gets for each of us, the better it gets for the whole family of humanity.

That makes it a WIN/WIN for all of us! Think of all the people in the world as if they are standing on a step that goes around the world. We are all holding hands. As some of us raise our vibrations and are ready to jump up to the next step, we help the person next to us make the jump too. So if half the people of the planet are ready to jump, that is enough energy to help the other half make the jump … every other person in the string of people.

The good news is that more people every day understand this and are improving their own lives, no matter how it APPEARS the people of the world are behaving. Many of us are faced with serious challenges at this time, but we keep looking up. Keep the faith. If you are having trouble doing that these days, spend a few minutes each day in quiet time or meditation. It doesn’t have to be a big formal ceremony. Just when you have time and a quiet space, close your eyes and listen to that inner voice. Or reach out to a friend … after all, we really are all in this human experiment together!

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