Emotional Flow to Freedom

August20Are you bottling up your emotions? Hiding them from the world and perhaps yourself?  The more time you spend resisting your feelings the less time you have to move past them and into a better place.

It’s important to vent your emotions appropriately and safely.  This isn’t a time to express every feeling you have to anyone or everyone… but it is a time to purge them in a way that gives you some relief.

Have yourself a private, old-fashioned, pity party.  Write a letter spewing venom.  Create a list of all the bad things that could happen if that is what you’re worried about.  The purpose in this is to get it all out into the light.  When you do there is nothing to hide from and it all shrinks in proportion. Some things may even sound a little silly, crazy and far-fetched.  Laugh at them.

Now that you have let it all you’ve cleared up some space in which you can breathe, think clearer and devise what’s next for you.  And therein you regain your strength and you power!

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