Adapt and Grow

August_19Sometimes we think that because we’ve always done what we’ve done that it is impossible or at the very least too hard to change, now.  We can feel that way especially if we’ve tried to do it differently and it hasn’t worked out the way we’d hoped.

If you are ready to give up, on yourself, on your dream, on anything that means anything to you then it’s time to try something different. Even something that you think has nothing to do with what you want.

Can you relate to any of these?:

  • You can’t remember a time when you weren’t dieting.
  • Your money always runs out before your next paycheck.
  • Every relationship seems to be a re-run of the previous one.
  • There has never been anything that has kept your interest for very long.

We repeat our behaviors because we believe they are “facts.”  They aren’t.  They are an experience we had… and experience we may still be having. When you’re ready to break the pattern… quit trying.  Why?  Because you’re putting too much pressure on yourself.  Give yourself the chance to just “be” as you are right now.  “Be” ok with where you are in your life.  Just “Be.”

When you’ve given yourself this break you give yourself a chance to think more clearly.  This is the time to reflect back and determine what common theme or factor underlies your experience. When you discover what that is then the only thing you have to do is make one tiny change.  Here are a few examples using the situations above:

  • Rather than starting a new diet commit to taking a walk every day or drinking only water after your morning coffee. When you succeed in making this change a new habit you’ll be inspired to add another healthy option to your repertoire.
  • Set up an automatic deposit into a savings account, savings bond or your 401k.  You don’t have to max out the amount you save… start with 1% or even .5%.  You can increase the amount with your next pay raise or bonus.
  • While you’re focused on “being” engage in the activities you love.  Join a group or club where you can be with others who are like-minded.  This gives you the opportunity create friendships first… and that is a great start to building a relationship later.
  • Embrace the diversity in  your interests rather than be-grudging your lack of focus. Look for the commonality in the experiences.  Perhaps they are all outdoor activities or involve travel.  Whatever the common theme is becomes your interest rather than having one specific purpose or passion.

It is all about adapting… and you can.

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