Every New Adventure…

August14It’s easy to keep doing the same things over & over again.  How many times have you made the same dinner, walked the same route or read the same type of book?  Routines are wonderful if you need stability and security.  If though you would love to break out of your rut creating a new adventure is simple.  Here are a few ideas that may just have you discovering a whole new you in no time:

  • Use the free services of a personal shopper to try on a completely new look.
  • Walk backwards around your home and see your environment from a completely new perspective.
  • Share cooking duties with a friend.  Pick a day where you each will make a lunch or dinner and either eat together or swap meals in Tupperware to eat at your convenience.
  • Make a date with your spouse or good friend and alternate choosing where you’ll go.  Make it more interesting by never duplicating the event, location or restaurant.

Share your ideas here and help another try something new too!

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