A Droplet of Courage

JordanA beloved Facebook friend posted this delightful quote: “Living from your heart is an art. It takes creativity, focus, and time.” (Original source unknown) These wise words touched my heart and spoke to my spirit.

I immediately sat in contemplation and pondered the insight so gracefully offered in the post. As I sat quietly with the idea of living heart-art, my teacher, Joshua, spoke to me. He gently talked about an additional ingredient for a heart-based life. Joshua added that living from the heart and letting love show also requires courage. As we awaken it is easier to release the social mask of fear we hide behind to reveal our extraordinary love for one another. Yet, in moments of insecurity, it remains a habit for us to hide our heart behind a mask. Good reasons led humankind to create a heart-shielding mask, and there’s no shame or guilt about using our heart shield. Joshua reminded me this tool has purpose. He urges us to utilize such tools consciously. Sadly, from Joshua’s point of view, we have allowed ourselves to hide our hearts habitually, and he added that now is the time to form new habits.

Each of us has the freedom to choose the moments when we lower our heart-shield and allow the mask to melt. We sense the unseen and unheard energy body, vibrations, and feeling tones around us with great accuracy. There are times and places when it is wise to shield our heart and proceed with caution. Sometimes we must refuse to harmonize with the energy around us. However, the time of transformation is calling to us, and we grow increasingly aware of our fear-based habits. Our feelings of love feed our courage and transform our environment. Love softens mistrust. It boosts our courage and eliminates the fear that amplifies our insecurity.

As we transition into our loved-based life, we will create a new reality—we’ll find ourselves in increasingly warmer and safer communities. Even in our current society Joshua says that in every circumstance we may let love flow. Love shows through our heart light, our eyes, and our smile. Indeed, feelings of love flowing through our being speak more powerfully than words. The heart center of our body is a lighthouse. Our light has no boundaries for it is the light of the One that dwells in All That Is. Letting this light grow and letting love show transforms our world. Love is that powerful. Awakening to our eternal and infinite nature reminds us that we have nothing to fear. Allow this understanding to drip into the pool of collective consciousness like a droplet of courage.

The global shift out of a fear-based reality into a time of love, peace, abundance, and understanding begins within each of us. Finding our courage to let love show is a practice of letting go of our fear. We practice letting go of our fear of being rejected or judged as soft, too sensitive, or weak. Together we plant the seeds of change and water these seeds with love. We remember that love dissolves fear, and we know in our whole self—there is nothing to fear. We are eternal and infinite beings now.

How do we advance toward the modern golden age? Joshua inspires us to set intentions in the direction we want humankind to move. He teaches that intentions are powerful, and at the same time, intentions allow us to side-step the suffering associated with expectation and attachment. I want to share an example of an intention that Joshua inspired me to write as we work together on our next book. Joshua’s statements of awareness are suggestions intended to move us forward. These intentions are offered as food for thought.

Intention to Let Love Show: I am awake to the unseen energy and the unheard sound that flows through my being. In this awareness, I know that the energy of my being touches everything and everyone. I have the privilege of influencing the energy field around me right here, right now. I know that love is unseen light and unheard sound broadcasting through my heart chakra, love shines in my eyes, and love beams from my smile. I intend to let love show everywhere I am. In my presence may others experience the love my heart sings, the love my eyes shine, and may my smile gently kiss All That Is.

Letting love show is an act of courage and strength that changes the world. Love is our personal power. Love plants the seeds of an amazing harvest, and we practice letting go of any fear keeping us from living a heart-based life. Imagine what we can transform with a droplet of courage to let love show. This challenge is heart-art worthy of our creativity.


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