The Single Most Important Key to Happiness

fotolia_1500699_Subscription_LWhen you read the title of this blog were you hoping that you could immediately be better off financially, in your relationship, or your job?  Do you want it all… and want it all right now?  I did and sometimes still slip back into that need for instant and significant gratification too.

Perhaps you’re thinking that you’ve been waiting for a long time for the pendulum to swing your way.  You’ve put in your time, given all you can and yet you’re still not feeling any more hopeful about your prospects of financial security, finding your soul mate or having that dream job.  And you know you’re not alone.

When we get to that point it’s because we’re forgotten the single most important factor in happiness…

It comes from within!

Nothing outside of you will create lasting happiness.   It doesn’t matter if you build a significant nest egg, marry the love of your life or work all day in a the field you’ve chosen. Unless you find the joy that comes from within your soul you’re missing out on exactly what you need most… Happiness with yourself.

How do you get it?

First, start with being OK with wherever you are at this given moment.  It doesn’t matter if the world is good or the sky is falling… if you resolve that life “is what it is” you empower yourself to be happy regardless of what is going on around you.

Next, be grateful for where you are, right now.  Be grateful for the experience, the lesson your learning, the drama or the excitement that surrounds you.  If you can give thanks regardless of the circumstances you diffuse the difficulty it may present.

Last, make a choice to be happy, now.  Don’t put off happiness until you can smell the roses, achieve greatness or feel better than you do at the moment.  Waiting around serves no purpose when it comes to happiness other than delaying it.

Being happy is a choice just like being miserable is too.  How you feel at this given moment is entirely up to you.
Choose wisely.

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